Family in Geiranger HGR 112144 1920 Photo Agurtxane Concellon

Experience the best family cruises in Norway with Hurtigruten

To inspire and empower the next generation, our mission is to create the best cruises for kids!

Adventure for all ages

Through cruising and curated excursions, your children can immerse themselves in Norway's rich history, authentic culture, unique wildlife, and dream-like landscapes, creating unforgettable memories and gaining a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the Norwegian coast.

YOUNG EXPLORES HURTIGRUTEN. Photo: Hurtigruten, Ørjan Bertelsen
Young Explorer - Travel with kids. Photo Anne Marte Johnsen, Hurtigruten

Our family cruise deals: 50% discount for children

Children enjoy a 50% discount on fares and excursions until they reach age 16, making family cruises more affordable. But it's not just about saving money; it's about spending quality time together. Every moment becomes a cherished family memory to be treasured and reminisced about for years to come.

Interactive learning & fun exercises for kids onboard

Upon boarding, children receive a booklet filled with engaging exercises tailored to their journey with us. Aligned with the captivating lectures provided by our Coastal Experience team, these activities delve into fascinating topics such as environmental protection, climate dynamics, Viking heritage, Sami culture, wildlife conservation, and broader global themes.

As they tackle these tasks, young travelers embark on a journey of discovery, gaining valuable insights into the world around them.

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Family adventure awaits

Experience endless excitement, whether you're navigating the waves or exploring the shores:

  • Encourage children to dive into the engaging booklet, and bond as a family while they tackle each challenge.

  • Join educational lectures led by our expert Coastal Experience team and uncover the secrets of the Norwegian coast together.

  • Visit Multe Bakeri for games, puzzles, and crafts to keep young minds entertained.

  • Take in panoramic views from the deck, spotting landmarks and fascinating wildlife like whales and seabirds.

  • Savor delectable delights from our children's menus at the café and restaurants, ensuring every member of the family finds culinary treat.


Kid-friendly excursions

Explore a rich tapestry of history, quaint villages, and breathtaking landscapes along our vast coastline. Benefit from our extensive network of partnerships across the country. Here are some of the child-friendly excursions we offer:

  • Atlanterhavsparken aquarium and Akslafjellet (Ålesund)

  • Meet the Vikings (Stamsund)

  • Farm visits in Lofoten (Stamsund)

  • Sami culture (Kjøllefjord) (Kjøllefjord)

  • Kirkenes Snøhotell (Kirkenes)

Please note that some of the excursions may have a lower age limit.

Connecting to Norwegian heritage

Two young girls, young explorers, cleaning the beach. Both are carrying loads of old ropes and trash found


  • Learn about the science and myths behind the Northern Lights

  • Learn how to identify bird species along the coast

  • See how we recycle on board the ship



  • Learn how the Vikings lived and explored

  • Hear about important moments in Norwegian history

Sami Culture Kjollefjord Norway HGR 14021 1920


  • Explore the Sami culture in Northern Norway

  • Learn some Sami words and how to count to ten in Sami

  • Learn about outdoor life or friluftsliv

Smooth sailing: Expert tips for family cruises along the Norwegian coast

  • Set sail for adventure: Engage your children in planning discussions about the wonders of the Norwegian coast and set expectations accordingly

  • Customize tour journey: Involve your children in planning each port visit and choosing tailored excursions to best suit their interests

  • Enhance exploration: Give your children binoculars to enhance wildlife viewing from ship