Our partners in produce

We take pride in serving great food to our guests on aboard our ships, using first-class products from local suppliers based all along the Norwegian coastline.

Our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen trades with 50 farms, fisheries, bakeries, butchers, cheesemakers, distilleries, and ice-cream innovators.

You can look forward to trying their produce first hand during your voyage with us, savouring the many flavours of the Norwegian coast with every sip and every bite.


Baked goods – bread, pastries, cakes

Byåsen Bakery

Trondheim-based bakery known for its sumptuous cream and marzipan-covered cakes.

Røra Bakery

Delivering freshly baked, sweet, delicate flatbread called skjenning to our ships.

Condiments – sauces, jams, sweets

Arctic Candy

Sugar-free sweets made from colourful berries that grow in northern Norway.

Arctic Mustard

Home of Mimi Mustard Sauce, based on grandma’s recipe from the 1950s.

Askim Fruit and Berries

Long-established purveyor of cider, confitures, juices, and hampers bursting with flavour.


Artisan salt maker using Viking-inspired methods and salt hand-harvested from the Norwegian Sea.

Molta Farm

On an island just south of North Cape, Siss Heidi Hansen creates cloudberry honey, jam, and dandelion syrup.

Reisa Jams

Jam maker who uses local rhubarb, cloudberries, crowberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

Smith-Hald Bringebæreddik

Family-run enterprise producing jams, vinegars, oils, and gourmet salts using local ingredients.

Dairy – cheese, ice cream, milk

Aalan Farm Cheesemaker

Tove and Knut Åland provide us with fresh feta and award-winning goat’s cheese.

Arktis Ice Cream

Top-quality, authentic gelato made with real ingredients and traditional Italian techniques.

Gangstad Farm Cheesemaker

Delicious, award-winning cheese and ice cream from the Trøndelag region.

Grøndalen Farm Cheesemaker

Fresh, sour Nyr cheese is made from happy cows at this 17th-century, family-run eco-farm.


17th-century dairy farm specialising in organic milk and soft cheese that is low in fat and high in protein.

Tingvollost Farm & Cheesemaker

A family-run farm dating to 1303 making award-winning blue mould cheeses.

Tverås Farm

Traditional dairy farm specialising in two Norwegian delicacies: gomme, a sweet cheese dessert; and prim, a spreadable cheese enjoyed on bread and waffles.

Vuku Farm

Award-winning cheesemaker known for its Italian mozzarella produced with Norwegian milk.

Knut Åland in the cheese factory making goats cheese
Torget Main Dining Norway HGR 50213 1920 Photo Simon Skreddernes

Drinks – wine, beers, juices

7 Fjell Brewery

The owners of this Bergen-based brewery take pride in making quality craft beer.

Anikonic Winemaker & Consultancy

Anika Perisic makes a delicious rosé wine from locally sourced ingredients.

AuroraSpirit Distillery

The world’s northernmost spirit distillery infuses water from ancient Arctic glaciers.

Bådin Brewery

Founded by six friends, this brewery puts Bodø on the map for great craft beer.


A specialist in raspberry fruit wines, this supplier has won Gold Medals in national competitions.


Family-run orchard established in 1922 producing 15 different types of cider and fruit wines.

Hardangergutane Juice and Cider

High-quality, local apples are the key ingredient in this family-run juice and cider factory.

7 Fjell Brewery

The owners of this Bergen-based brewery take pride in making quality craft beer.

Kinn Brewery

Kinn focuses on traditional techniques with its motto ‘We do it the old way’.

Lofotpils Brewery

Traditional German beermaking with locally sourced malt, hops, and spices.

Mack Brewery

Dating to 1877, Mack is also reputed to be the northernmost brewery in the world.

Myken Distillery

The world’s first Arctic whisky distillery crafting gin and single-malt whisky.

Skott Farm & Winemaker

Atle Tærum’s plum and elderflower eiswein is also stocked by Michelin-starred restaurants.

Meat – poultry, lamb, beef

Andvik Poultry Farm

The hens of Mikal Nordheim produce several million eggs every year at their farm.


One of Norway’s largest meat suppliers delivering sausages, hamburgers, and cured meats.

Høst Matverksted

Culinary Ambassador Astrid Nåsslander provides us with sausages and cured hams from wild game.

Ivar Løne

Smalahovetunet by Ivar Løne supplies our ships with traditional Norwegian meat products.


Unique outfit looking to introduce protein-rich caterpillars into the Nordic diet.

Mydland Butchery

This award-winning meat and sausage factory was founded by the Aune family in 1903.

Ole Ringdal

Winner of awards, Ole Ringdal has distinguished itself as one of Norway’s leading meat producers.

Strand Farm

This small farm in Ryfylke supplies quail meat and eggs to our ships.

Tind Spekevarer

Creating cured ham since 1884 from animals that graze in the Geiranger UNESCO World Heritage Area.

Seafood – fish, shellfish, roe

Berg Gård

We source traditional rakfisk – salted trout or Arctic char – from this company located on Inderøy island.

Bottarga Borealis

This finest cod roe is exported to 14 countries and more than 20 Michelin restaurants.

Dragøy Fish

A well-known name in the fish and shellfish industry since 1979.

Dybvik Bacalao

This family business has made klippfisk (dried, salted cod) of exquisite quality for 90 years.


Top-quality Arctic char and Finnmark trout from this Kirkenes-based company.

Halvors Traditional Fish

First-class, freshly caught fish from the northern Norway fishing fleet.


A well-known established brand considered a mark of quality for crayfish, scallops, and crab.

Kyvik Herring

This family-run company has supplied herring with pride for four generations since 1866.

Lerøy Aurora

Norwegian seafood pioneer since 1899 dealing in fresh fish whether farmed or wild caught.

Lyngen Reker

The cold waters of Lyngenfjord in northern Norway gives these shrimps and prawns an added freshness.


We receive tasty cod loins from this business based in one of the largest fishing villages in Vesterålen.

Nord Reker Seafood

This business has been producing hand-peeled shrimps since 1972.

Norway King Crab

This supplier catches and delivers live king crabs to restaurants around the world.

Rørvik Fish

Since 1927, this company has supplied fresh, salted, and frozen fish across Norway.

Sæterstad Farm

Award-winning Arctic char from this organic mountain farm.

Scalmarin Seafood

Scallops and sea urchins handpicked by divers and crabs caught by local fishermen.

Sigerfjord Fish

One of Norway’s largest suppliers of Arctic char whether fresh or smoked.

Snadder og Snaskum

Based out of Trondheimsfjord, this award-winning, organic shellfish farm is Norway’s oldest mussel producer. 


Premium halibut farmed in the cold, crystal-clear waters of the Ryfylke fjords.

Norway s Coastal Kitchen mussels HGR 118328 1920 Photo Agurtxane Concellon
A box of freshly caught shrimps with bread and butter

Vegetables – leaves, roots, herbs


Producers of unique plant-based food and meat alternatives using Nordic beans and peas.

Grønt Fra Laks

This company combines hydroponics with aquaponics for sustainably produced vegetables and herbs.

Kvitnes Gård

Culinary Ambassador Halvar Ellingsen’s restaurant is a source of inspiration for our ship menus.

Lofoten Seaweed

Founded by two best friends committed to introducing seaweed into the Nordic diet.

Lyngen Seaweed

Apart from supplying sustainable seaweed, this company also processes and preserves fish and shellfish.

Myklevik Farm

Family-run, Lofoten-based farm delivering sustainably produced vegetables, herbs, and syrups to our ships.


This small company produces the Ringerike pea, a Norwegian delicacy with protected status.

Trøndersopp Mushrooms

A family-run farm that grows winter oysters, king oysters, and shiitake mushrooms.