Summit Triumph: Hikers atop Majestic Fjord Cliffs. Photo: Photo Competition

Excursions with Hurtigruten

Elevate your Hurtigruten voyage with our captivating shore excursions, revealing Norway's rich nature, culture, and history in-depth. Book today!

Enhance your voyage with our wide range of optional excursions that allow you to delve deeper into the dramatic landscapes, rich history, and charming culture of Norway and Svalbard. We offer more than 130 excursions up and down the coast, each run by local suppliers who are ready to showcase the wonders of their home.  

Take your pick from a palette of active adventures such as kayaking along Ålesund’s waterways, quad biking to the North Cape or snowshoeing in Tromsø. If you’re interested in history, you can join a World War II tour in Kristiansand or explore the hidden rooms of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.  

There are plenty of opportunities to sample the delicacies of the Norwegian coast, too, with visits to the world’s northernmost brewery and boat trips to go king crab fishing with locals. We also recommend cultural visits that introduce you to Sámi culture or to the workings of a family-run dairy farm in Lofoten. 

An excursion for every season

While many excursions are offered year-round, some are season specific. Summer is a glorious time to be in Norway and Svalbard, with a variety of activities that make the most of the long, leisurely days of the Midnight Sun. Why not enjoy a RIB safari in search of Sea Eagles or a guided e-bike tour around the island of Senja?  

The cooler weather in autumn, winter, and spring turns Norway into a wonderland of snow, best enjoyed by dog sled or on cross-country skis. You could also try your hand at snowmobiling, hopefully with the Northern Lights dancing above.

A group of tourists on a snowmobile excursion in Norway under the Northern Lights
A couple looking over the viewpoint at Hjørundfjord

Activities that are right for you

Our diverse excursions cater not just for varied interests but also for different mobility levels, so you can choose the activity that’s right for you. 

We offer four distinct physical levels that cater to all - from accessible museum visits to challenging hikes that require a good level of fitness. Certain activities are even wheelchair-friendly, ensuring inclusivity for all.

For additional details about the levels of fitness required for each excursion, check out our FAQ section below.

How to book an excursion with Hurtigruten

It’s easy to book an excursion. To book online, go to our excursions hub and either input your booking reference or select your voyage from the drop-down menu. Choose the excursion you want and then click the ‘Add to Reservation’ button. A member of our team will then contact you to arrange payment and confirm your booking. 

Alternatively, you can book by calling our Customer Service Centre.

A member of the Coastal Experience Team on deck on a Hurtigruten ship

Frequently Asked Questions

Excursions are typically bookable 180 days before your departure, and we'll send you an email with excursion details after bookings open. Please keep in mind that not all excursions may be available at that time; some may be added later.

You will be able to view them all by either logging into your booking here or entering your booking number/selecting the correct voyage from the list here.

If an excursion is not fully booked, any remaining slots will be available for purchase on board through your Coastal Experience Team. These will be charged in Norwegian Kroner at your ship’s exchange rate.  

However, to ensure yourself a spot, we recommend booking in advance.

Yes, 1893 Ambassadors get a 5% discount on all excursions (booked pre-travel or on board). Not a member? Click here to sign up.

No – the price is the same whether you pre-book online before your departure or while on board. But note that all excursion places sold on board are charged in Norwegian Kroner at the ship’s exchange rate, which does fluctuate. 

And, if you sign up to our 1893 Ambassador Programme, you will enjoy a 5% discount on all bookings (whether made online or on board). Click here for more information. 

No, we offer several overland excursions that start in one port and end in another. Transport is included in these to ensure you are escorted back to the ship on time. 

Excursions can be cancelled up to 14 days before your departure without charge. Any cancellations made after this time are non-refundable.

It is also possible to change on to another excursion up to 14 days before your departure, but only if the price of that excursion exceeds that of your original booking.

Yes, you will get a full refund to your original payment method. If that's not possible, we will reach out to check your payment details.

Yes, on many days it is possible to do more than one excursion. On The Coastal Express, we often visit more than one port a day, meaning that you can do several trips. In Lofoten, for example, you could join a bus tour of Harstad in the morning, enjoy lunch on board the ship, and then embark on a Sea Eagle safari in the afternoon. 

In some ports, it is also possible to do more than one excursion. You can find more details on which trips are combinable on each excursion page.

Each of our excursions has a rating to illustrate the level of fitness required. There are four categories, with 1 being the easiest and 4 the most difficult.

Level 1 = Easy: suitable for most

Excursions at this level are physically undemanding and suitable for most people. Level 2 = Moderate: some mobility needed

Excursions in this category involve a small amount of physical activity, but on easy terrain with few major challenges. Level 3 = Active: good mobility needed

Excursions in this category are more active and involve outdoor pursuits that require a decent level of fitness. You may be expected to carry your own backpack and equipment. They are not suitable for those with limited mobility.

Level 4 = Challenging: good mobility and fitness needed 

These are our most challenging excursions, and require a good level of fitness. They may involve hiking or biking on uneven terrain and may also require specialist equipment. You would be expected to carry your own backpack and equipment. Excursions in this category are not suitable for those with limited mobility. 

We offer a number of excursions that are suitable for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Specific details on accessibility are given with each excursion, but if in doubt please speak to a member of our team before booking.

For the most part, excursions do not occur during onboard mealtimes. If they do, we make sure to either serve your meal earlier before the tour starts or keep the restaurant open a little longer for your return. We also have a number of excursions where food or drink is included as part of the tour.  

It can sometimes take a few days for excursions to show in My Booking, so don’t worry if you can’t see them immediately.