MS Polarlys on the Inner Coastal Route, Norway

Arrival and departure information for The Coastal Express

Our arrival and departure package includes most transfers in Bergen, Kirkenes, Trondheim, and Oslo. If we cannot provide a suitable transfer, we will inform you before your journey.  

If your booking includes transfers, your travel documents contain the required vouchers that you will need to present to the bus driver.  

Transfers are usually unaccompanied and operated by a charter bus (fixed times) or an airport express bus (official schedule). The fixed times align with your ship’s arrival. Therefore, waiting times at the airport may occur.  

Transfers outside of this schedule must be arranged independently and at your own expense. If your booking doesn’t include any transfers, you can still book the transfers outlined below by contacting our Customer Service Centre. For more information, please refer to your booking confirmation. 

Arriving/departing in Bergen

Transfers if arriving in Bergen before your voyage

From the airport 

The journey from the airport to Jektevik Terminal is approximately 45 minutes. To get to the terminal, take the Flybussen (the official airport shuttle bus) from platform A5 in front of the arrivals hall. You can find the transfer times on the official timetableClick here for a map of the terminal.

For the city centre, the closest Flybussen stop for each hotel is as follows. Click here for a map of Bergen.  

  • Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret: Dreggsallmenningen (26 m) 

  • Clarion Hotel Admiral: Strandkaiterminalen (120 m) 

  • Clarion Hotel Bergen: Torget C (240 m) or Torget D (140 m) 

  • Magic Hotel Kløverhuset: Torget C (200 m) 

  • Magic Hotel Korskirken: Torget C (200 m) 

  • Radisson Blu Royal: Dreggsallmenningen bus stop (28 m) 

  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz: Torget C (270 m) or Torget D (170 m) 

From the railway station (to your hotel or to Jektevik Terminal)

As you disembark the train, exit the railway station under the archway to your right. The Hurtigruten Transfer Service Bus to the city centre and Jektevik Terminal will be waiting outside – please do not go to the central bus station. The bus will leave 20 minutes after your train arrives. 

To the railway station (from your hotel or from Jektevik Terminal)

You will be picked up from your hotel 45 minutes prior to the train’s departure. 

At the terminal 

Nøstegaten 30, 5010 Bergen. Open: 13:00-20:00 on departure days 

Located on the second floor of Jektevik Terminal, the Hurtigruten Guest Lounge is open from 13:00. Before boarding your ship, you’ll be able to relax in this beautifully furnished area, decorated in the same style as our ships for a seamless experience from land to sea.

Take a load off in the many comfortable chairs and sofas. Meet and chat to your fellow travelers. Connect to free Wi-Fi and plug into USB chargers and sockets. A large interactive touchscreen table at the entrance will show detailed information about any bookable optional excursions, while short films of the voyage highlights play on screens throughout the lounge.

Luggage lockers of varying sizes are also available and can be paid for by credit card. Our luggage service is open between 13:00-14:30.  

Once checked in, all guests must attend a safety briefing in the Guest Lounge Lecture Hall. 

Please note: the latest arrival time for guests is 30 minutes before the ship’s departure. 

Transfers if departing Bergen after your voyage

Hurtigruten ships arrive back in Bergen at 14:45. Transfers to the airport, railway station and city-centre hotels are arranged for after this time. Detailed information will be given on board the ship.

Arriving/departing in Trondheim

Currently we do not provide any individual transfers in Trondheim. To get to the city centre from the airport, we recommend traveling by taxi, the airport express bus (Værness Expressen) or the local train.

To travel between the airport and the Hurtigruten pier, the most convenient option is by taxi as the closest public transport option is around 500m away from the pier.

For public transport we recommend using the online platform Entur, which serves as a travel planner and ticket platform.

By taxi

For taxi services, we recommend Trønder Taxi (0047 – 07373). You can pay cash or by credit card.

By bus

The airport express bus (Værness Expressen) is a convenient option to travel to the city centre. You can find the transfer times and bus stops in the city centre on the official timetable. There is at least one departure per hour and it takes approx. 30min. Timings may vary during peak times.AC

You can purchase a ticket at the airport, on the bus or through their app called Værnes Ekspressen (available for Android and Apple).

If you are staying at the Clarion Hotel Trondheim, Søndre gate is the closest bus stop.

By train

The R70 train goes between Trondheim Værnes airport and Trondheim S railway station, and it takes approximately 40 minutes. There is at least one departure per hour and it is the most affordable option.

Click the link for more details: Entur – nasjonal reiseplanlegger.


Upgrade to Platinum

Travel in style in Bergen and Trondheim by upgrading to our Platinum package. Platinum guests can enjoy a transfer in a private, wheelchair-accessible car or taxi between the airport, hotels, and pier or terminal. Pick-up time from the hotel to the airport is three hours before your flight’s departure time.

Arriving/departing in Kirkenes

Transfers between the Hurtigruten Quay, hotels, and Kirkenes Airport are run by a Hurtigruten charter bus. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Please note: If there is a large number of passengers, there will be several buses departing to different destinations. Please ensure that you board the correct bus.  

Arriving in Kirkenes before your voyage 

To Hurtigruten Quay 

  • 12:00 from the airport  

  • 12:00 from Thon hotel  

To the city centre/hotels 

  • 20:30 from the airport 

Departing Kirkenes after your voyage 

To the airport 

  • 09:00 from Hurtigruten Quay  

  • 09:30 from Thon hotel  

Arriving/departing in Tromsø

To get between the airport, the city centre, and the Hurtigruten Terminal, take the red Bussring (official airport bus), which departs in front of the arrivals hall. 

You can find the transfer times on the official timetable, but these may vary on weekends. The transfer time to the terminal is approximately 15 minutes, and the closest stop is ‘Prostneset’.  

Arriving/departing in Oslo

If you have pre-booked your Oslo transfer with Hurtigruten, please read the below information on how to obtain and utilise your Flytoget ticket.

Transfers to and from the airport

To get to Oslo city centre from the airport, or vice versa, take the Flytoget airport express train. You can find the train’s platforms from the exit next to baggage claim. The trains leave every 10 minutes from platform 3 (subject to change) and takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive to the Oslo Central Station. More information can be found from the Flytoget timetable.

The provided ticket is only valid for Flytoget train FLY1 and FLY2, but not for the regular VY trains. The ticket QR code will need to be scanned to enter the platform. Please note that only one QR code will be sent, as this one code is valid for all persons booked on this transfer within your booking.

If you have booked a return transfer, please use the same QR code for both the outward and return journey. To get to the airport, the Flytoget FLY1 and FLY2 trains depart from platform 13/14 at Oslo Central Station. The QR code will need to be scanned again when leaving the train platform at the airport.

Obtaining your Flytoget QR code

You will be able to find your Flytoget link the email body sent to you by Hurtigruten closer to departure with "Itinerary Ref:" in the subject line.

Your tickets can be either used on a mobile device directly or downloaded then printed. For examples of the Flytoget ticket, please click here and see the downloaded version here.

Wheelchair transfers

In Bergen, Trondheim, Kirkenes, and Tromsø, all offered transfers can accommodate guests using wheelchairs. This service must be pre-booked by informing about measurements and type of wheelchair, and specification of needs of the guest. In Bergen, separate private transfers can be ordered at an additional cost.

For assistance in Oslo in order to use the airport express train Flytoget, please contact [email protected] or call +47/477 70 098 at least 24 hours in advance. This service is free of charge. 

Emergency contacts

In the event of an emergency while travelling to and from your voyage, you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling: +44 33 08 08 18 84