Norway: Travel Guide

The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Find out why and where to go in this travel guide.

Fjords and mountains. The Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. To many, Norway is defined by its natural wonders. If you come here, you'll understand why. Dramatic and diverse, Norway's nature ranges from serene forest-covered hills in the southeast and spectacular fjords and glaciers in the west to Arctic wilderness in the north.

Looking at the map, you’ll find Norway at the northern outskirts of Europe - with almost half the country above the Arctic Circle. Known for its fascinating history and many cultural sites, recent years have also seen an increasing interest in sophisticated cities and unique architecture. 

But for the people of Norway, the love for nature and the outdoors surpasses most things. Be it skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, Norwegians are always drawn to the active lifestyle. Perhaps this is why Norway regularly ranks highly in the annual World Happiness Report?

Three reasons to travel to Norway

1. Climate and seasons make every trip unique

A cold and wet climate is what you might expect. Though true in some regions, Norway’s climate varies a lot by region and by season, and is surprisingly mild overall. The four seasons in Norway are very distinct, and each have their own personality.

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2. Must-see attractions

The Norwegian fjords naturally get a lot of attention, but there is so much to see when visiting Norway. The majestic Lofoten islands are a highlight for many. The Arctic Circle is another one. North Cape, the Atlantic Ocean Road, the Seven Sisters... We could go on forever.

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3. The stunning wildlife

The Norwegian coastline is a haven for wildlife. Known for its loving relationship to fish, Norway has a rich diversity of fauna, including whales, sea eagles and the king crab.

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14 facts you didn't know about Norway

As you prepare for your cruise along the Norwegian coast, you may be combing the Internet for information about the country you're about to visit. It's understandable to be so excited – but we thought it would be interesting to give you a few facts you probably haven't run across yet.

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Eating traditions in Norway

Norway's visitors often wonder what kind of food they should expect to find on their trip. Here's a brief overview of the meals you might have when traveling to Norway.

Everything you need to know about Bodø - European Capital of Culture 2024

Bodø is the first European Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle, and only the third in Norway. Bold, unexpected, and modern, this Arctic city’s time to shine has come.

A woman poses outside a street mural in Bodø, the European Capital of Culture for 2024. Photo by: Raymond Engmark
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Why choose Norway with Hurtigruten

1. 130 years of experience

Hurtigruten has been the original Norwegian coastal voyage since 1893. We carry more than 130 years of experience along the coast - this is our backyard!

2. Sail with experts

Most of our crew members have grown up along the Norwegian coast, and are happy to talk about it. Additionally, our onboard Coastal Experience Team will arrange activities on deck and hold complimentary lectures on biology, history, geology, culture and science.

3. See places seldom visited by others

Due to their size, our smaller ships go where no other ships go. Visit 34 ports, big and small cities, and places most vessels are unable to reach. With Hurtigruten, you can enjoy authentic encounters with Norwegian traditions and culture.

4. Stay active in nature

When in Norway, do as the Norwegians do - get outside and stay active. On board, you can choose from an exciting array of excursions throughout the year, bringing you even closer to the nature, culture, and wildlife along the Norwegian coast.

5. Delicious, local food

Our food is made from fresh produce from local suppliers. With Norway's Coastal Kitchen, a journey along the Norwegian coast is also a trip through the world's finest pantry.