The Hjørundfjord

A Taste of Norway


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Level 1: Suitable for everyone.

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2 hours 15 minutes


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  • Visit the small but charming village of Urke in the Sunnmøre Alps

  • Travel through one Norway’s’ narrowest valleys, Norangsdalen

  • See sights like Lyngstølvatnet Lake and historic Hotel Union Øye

Sailing into the Hjørundfjord, you’ll board a tender boat that brings you to shore. You’ll disembark at the village of Urke, nestled amidst the scenic Sunnmøre Alps.  

From here, a bus brings you through one of Norway’s narrowest valleys, Norangsdalen. Along the way, we’ll see Lyngstølvatnet Lake, created when a natural landslide dammed part of nearby Norang River and flooded the area. On days when the weather is calm, you can still see the ruins of a submerged farmstead from the surface of the water.  

We also pass though the village of Øye to see the distinctive Hotel Union Øye. Some of history’s most famous kings, queens, writers, composers, and explorers have all stayed here.  

We’ll then stop off at a small shieling where you’ll enjoy some snacks and take in the magnificent landscape. The tour ends back in Urke, after browsing the goods of the local grocer.

Practical information

  • Disembarking port: Landing is by tender boat. Getting on and off the boat requires a certain degree of mobility.

  • Embarking port: Urke

  • Available From: 2 September - 1 November

  • Transportation: Boat/Bus

  • Meals During the Excursion: Snacks

  • Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes and warm clothing

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