Aurora Borealis Norway HGR 147373-1920

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Learn more about our voyages and why you should travel along the Norwegian coast with us.

We’ve sailed the Norwegian coast for 130 years, faithfully serving local communities and showing international guests our home since 1893. Nobody knows this mesmerising coastline better than we do - and there is no better way to explore it than on a Hurtigruten voyage.

Whether you're looking for luxury or adventure, natural wonders or local stories, each of our products offer a magnificent insight into the wonders of Norway and Svalbard. Learn more about our different voyages by clicking on the links below.

Why The Coastal Express?

Five reasons our timeless voyages along the stunning Norwegian coast are unique and special.

A large body of water with a mountain in the background

10 reasons to sail The Svalbard Line

Here’s why you should join this romantic sailing high into the Arctic, to the edge of the world, painted in the 24-hour light of summer.

10 reasons to sail The North Cape Line

Journey Norway’s coast between its capital and its capes to the roof of Europe, and into the realm of the magical Northern Lights.