About Waterhaul

Waterhaul’s core mission is to remove ghost gear from the ocean and repurpose it into high-quality, functional products. They created their first style of sunglasses, the Fitzroy, in 2019. Developed using 100% recycled fishing gear collected from the coast of Cornwall, their frames are paired with premium mineral glass lenses. Waterhaul is focused on creating products that inspire individuals to make their own positive impact on the environment. This includes litter-picking equipment and utility knives created using 100% recycled fishing gear – the first in the world made from this recycled material.

Hurtigruten Foundation Support

Waterhaul has been working with us to create a unique range of Hurtigruten x Waterhaul sunglasses, which are exclusively available on board our Expedition cruises. Every purchase of these sunglasses includes a donation to Hurtigruten Foundation. Please note the 1893 Ambassador discount is not applicable to the purchase of these sunglasses.

Your benefits at Waterhaul

We have partnered with Waterhaul to offer you an exclusive promotion for Level 1 and Level 2 1893 Ambassador members:


Level 1

Save 10% on all Waterhaul products


Level 2

Save 20% on all Waterhaul products

How to Redeem:

Enter the unique codes below at checkout to receive this exclusive offer. Go to the Waterhaul website here.

  • Level 1 – 10% Discount. Use code: Hurtigruten10

  • Level 2 – 20% Discount. Use code: Hurtigruten20

Your benefits with us

Benefits from day one

To thank you for signing up and to inspire you to plan your next trip, your benefits are made available to you from day one. Of course, the greatest benefit when travelling with us is the amazing experiences you’ll have and the incredible memories you’ll make. As an ambassador, you’ll also get a whole host of other offers and benefits from Norwegian Coastal Express and our partners.

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