Activities in Antarctica

Our expedition cruises to Antarctica are not passive sail-bys. You’ll be an explorer not a tourist, boarding small boats, touring iceberg-filled bays and going ashore to see penguin colonies and other wildlife.


Whenever weather and sea conditions allow, we’ll attempt landings via small explorer boat. Sites might include a scenic harbour, ruins from the whaling era, or penguin rookeries. Once ashore, the Expedition Team will guide you on where to go and what to see. You are free to walk around on your own, keeping a safe distance from any wildlife you encounter.

Small boat cruising

Even though your expedition ship is specially designed for sailing in Antarctica, there are limits on where it can go. This is where our small explorer boats come in. Enjoy gliding through the water as you take in views of the surrounding white landscape and floating icebergs. You might spot seals, penguins or whales feeding on krill.

Lectures and talks

Your expert Expedition Team will be delivering lectures on a range of topics, such as geology, marine biology, history, photography, and ornithology. This will be in the ship’s onboard Science Center, out on deck, ashore during a landing, or when cruising in small boats.

Citizen Science

You can also get involved in a variety of projects that ask you to document wildlife or aspects of the environment. Your photos are then uploaded to scientific organisations around the world. Not only do you engage with nature, but you’ll contribute to important research too!

Polar plunge

For the brave and bold, there is an option to literally dive into Antarctica at the end of one of the landings. A plunge into the icy-cold water for a few seconds will undoubtedly get your blood pumping. Only a few guests on each expedition ever take up the challenge. Will you?

Camping in Antarctica (An Amundsen Night)

In the true style of the early explorers, we venture out at night for a once in a lifetime experience as we go camping in the Antarctic night. Although Amundsen, Scott and Nordenskjold had different equipment, they used the best gear available at the time. So do we. This activity features top of the line camping equipment that meets Antarctic standards for camping on snow.

Kayaking Adventure in Antarctica

Enjoy the feeling of gliding through Antarctic waters in serene silence and admiring the sight of glaciers, icebergs and snow-covered mountains around you. You might even meet seals, birds, penguins and perhaps whales along the way.

Extended hikes in Antarctica

Join the Expedition Team on hikes handpicked by them and based on their deep and extensive knowledge of exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Reaching the best viewpoints may involve some effort, making it all the more satisfying when you do.

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

This activity is only possible when snow conditions are right, which is usually late spring or early in the Antarctic summer. Equipped with modern snowshoes, you’ll easily walk on the soft snow and reach places that are normally difficult to get to just on foot.

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