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Guided town walk of Puerto Madryn to discover the Welsh history of the city, founded in 1865 by 150 Welsh immigrants.
  • Discover the Welsh history of Puerto Madryn.

  • Visit Provincial Museum of Natural History and Oceanography.

Guided town walk of Puerto Madryn to discover the Welsh history of the city, founded in 1865 by a group of 150 Welsh immigrants.  

The Welsh movement to Patagonia was promoted by Michael D Jones, a Welsh nonconformist minister and ardent nationalist worried by the increasing pressure to learn the English language and adopt English culture. Fearing assimilation, he firmly believed that only a unified Welsh colony could preserve the Welsh language and culture. Agents were sent to scout Canada and South America, and eventually Patagonia was chosen.  

On the 28 of July of 1865, the first group of settlers arrived on the tea-clipper Mimosa, landing in what was then New Bay. The settlement was renamed shortly after in honor of Sir Thomas Duncombe Love Jones-Parry, 1st Baronet of Madryn, and one of the promoters of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia. 

On our walk, we will see the Monument to the Welsh Settlers, stroll through the old grid of streets of the original settlement, learn about the early history of Puerto Madryn, and visit the Provincial Museum of Natural History and Oceanography.

Practical information

Practical information:

  • Language: English.

  • Remarks/requirements: We recommend wearing a hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. A windbreaker and  a light fleece highly recomended. 

  • Walking information: Walking on paved terrain.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.