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Depart from the harbour in Heimaey and sail around the islands in a rigid inflatable boat experiencing the highlights of the islands.
  • Enjoy a ride on a fast Rib Safari Boat.

  • Highlights of the Island.

  • Chance to see Puffins flying and splashing around.

  • Magnificent birdlife.

We begin our tour from the harbour in Heimaey, a harbour that for a long time has been a shelter for the Icelandic fishing fleet, but was almost lost in the volcanic eruption on the island in 1973. Sailing around the islands in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is an experience you won’t forget. On this one hour and 10 minutes tour, you will see the highlights around the islands at an incredible speed between stops. We start by heading to the east of Heimaey to check out the new lava that was formed during the eruption in 1973. From there we head off to the puffin paradise Stakkabót, where you’ll be able to see thousands of puffins flying and splashing around. The birdlife we get a chance to see on this tour is magnificent as the Westman Islands have one of the largest varieties of sea bird species in Iceland. These include puffin colonies of an estimated 6 to 8 million puffins. Nowhere else in the world can such large number of puffins be found in such close proximity to man. In addition the islands also house one of the world's largest gannet and guillemot colonies. Numerous other species of nesting sea birds can also be seen. In addition to the birdlife, whales are also often sighted, including orcas, dolphins and porpoises. 

You’ll discover six sea caves during this trip and we’ll sail into some of them. You’ll see all sorts of creatures in the rocks such as the big elephant in Dalfjall, and the auks head in Ystaklettur. We will visit Kafhellir cave, one of the most spectacular of all the caves, where we see the sunlight shine from underneath the island. Of course, we’ll check out some treasures left behind by the Turkish pirates who raided the Westman Islands in 1627 and enslaved about 380 Icelanders in North Africa. Most of them never return home.

Practical information

Practical information: 

  • Language: English.

  • Remarks/requirements: Kindly note, that this is a physically active tour. Dress according to the weather. Kindly note that wildlife sighting cannot be guaranteed and the the puffins leave land mid August. 

  • Walking information: To and from the boat. 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.