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Enjoy a boat ride from Qaqortoq to “Hvalseyfjördur” and hear the story of what Norse life was life in the Middle Ages.
  • Boat ride to Hvalsø Church Ruins.

  • Sail past Whale Island.

  • Story of Norse Life.

The best preserved Norse ruins in Greenland are less than one hour by boat from Qaqortoq. We sail past the large island of Arpatsivik, the Norse “Hvalsey” or Whale Island, and into the fjord with the ancient Norse name “Hvalseyfjördur”, where the church ruins stand in a quiet and peaceful setting. The story about what Norse life was like here during their 500 years in the Middle Ages. Why did the Norse disappear? What was the last written evidence of these fascinating people?

Practical information

Practical information: 

  • Language: English.

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate clothing, windstopper jacket and flat comfortable shoes/sneakers. 

  • Walking information: N/A.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

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