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Explore the ancient Maya trading centre of Altun Ha, home of the largest Jade Head found at any Mayan site and discover how people lived in the Classic Maya Period.
  • Explore Altun Ha archaeological site.

  • Visit the Temple of the Masonry Altars, one of the highlights of Belize.

After arriving in Belize City, you will be whisked away by bus and travel 31 miles north along the old Northern Highway through the town centre, and north to the tropical lowlands and wetlands to the north.   

We arrive at the Maya site and meet our guides who take us back in time on a journey through this very important trading centre.  Once a thriving city of 10,000 people, occupied during the beginning of the Maya Classic era (200 to 900 AD).   

The current site consists of two grand plazas & thirteen structures. The magnificent Sun God Temple and Temple of the Masonry Altars are prominent features that can be found on Belize’s currency and on beer bottles throughout the country.  Temple of the Masonry Alters (Structure B-4) once housed the largest carved Jade Head found in the Mayan world, or Central America.

Practical information

Practical information: 

  • Language: English 

  • Included: Transportation, Local Guides, Entrance Fee to Altun Ha

  • Remarks/requirements: It is recommendable to wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen and bring water

  • Walking information: Walking over unpaved terrain 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No