Transoceanic Cruises

Be immersed in the sights, sounds and science of the sea.

Transoceanic Expedition Cruises

Deep dive into the wonders of the sea on a science and relaxation focused transoceanic cruise. Come with us on a journey of scientific discovery at sea learning with our Expedition Team, and unwind in the serenity of the open ocean.

Transoceanic cruises

Choose from a range of transoceanic cruises lasting between 10 and 20 days to enrich your mind and unwind on an unforgettable journey across the ocean.


Enjoy hands-on workshops and lectures covering topics like marine biology, conservation and sea navigation. Participate in Citizen Science projects, discover hidden ecosystems with the microscope in the onboard Science Center, and indulge your creativity with arts and crafts workshops.


Look out for bird and marine life as you sail. You might see whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles. And see if you can spot gulls, frigatebirds and boobies, which are among the seabirds that can cross the ocean. 

Expedition Team

Join your Expedition Team for lectures, demonstrations, experiments and wildlife observations in the Science Center and out on deck.

Unwind and relax

Enjoy the serenity of the sea from the hot tub or sauna, relax in the Explorer Lounge & Bar, marvel at the ocean views, and connect with the nature around you.

An educational experience

Get hands on as you learn about marine biology and sea navigation through environmentally focused activities and workshops.

Ocean wildlife

As you enjoy the activities on your transoceanic cruise, keep a lookout across the surrounding ocean. Turtles, dolphins and whales can sometimes be seen in the waters, while seabirds are plentiful, especially around land. Overhead, look for the Audubon’s Shearwater and the Brown Noddy. In open, tropical waters, you might spot sea turtles swimming among the mats of golden sargassum seaweed.

First-class amenities

Our expedition ships come with a Science Center, hot tubs, gym, and restaurants serving delicious, healthy meals. And MS Fridtjof Nansen has an onboard wellness area where you can indulge in optional spa treatments.

Transoceanic Expedition Team

You’ll get to know your Expedition Team well on our transoceanic voyages. Made up of marine biologists, oceanographers and naturalists, they’ll engage you with talks, activities and workshops. You’ll learn in-depth about the ocean currents, their effect on the climate and marine ecosystems.

Expedition Ships

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience aboard our modern expedition ships. Furnished with premium onboard amenities, including a fully equipped Science Center, hot tubs, gym, and restaurants offering delicious, healthy menus, our elegant ships offer a serene antidote to life on land.

Make a difference

As we cross the ocean, we focus on the subjects of marine conservation and sustainability. Learn how you can make a difference by participating in activities and our Citizen Science programme.

Transoceanic FAQ

Find the answers to questions about fitness levels, oceanology topics and more on our FAQ page.

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