Grand Expedition Cruises

Embark on the ultimate global adventure and follow in the wake of the great explorers on one of our Grand Expedition Cruises.

Grand Expedition Cruises

Indulge yourself on a true adventure of a lifetime and set sail on a globe-spanning Grand Expedition Cruise. Inspired by the Arctic and Antarctic explorers of yesteryear, our Pole-to-Pole cruises last several months at a time, while other voyages focus on a particular region. Following a flexible itinerary, you’ll feel like a modern-day explorer, enjoying a truly unique experience in style aboard our comfortable and fully equipped expeditions ships. Exclusively developed by explorers like us for explorers like you, we’ve crafted a selection of planet-spanning journeys representing the zenith of 21st century expedition cruising.

Grand Expedition Cruises

Choose trips lasting between 24 and 93 days on a globe-trotting adventure the likes of which you've never experienced before.

Activities on Grand Expedition Cruises

These very special journeys come with included and optional activities taking in the best things to do in each place you visit, including hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and so much more.

Wildlife on Grand Expedition Cruises

Embarking on a longer cruise, you’ll have opportunities galore to watch the wildlife of each region you pass through, as our experts get you up close and deepen your understanding.

Expedition Team on Grand Expedition Cruises

Your Expedition Team is made up of top experts with unrivalled local knowledge. They’ll accompany you as you explore coastal areas and go on guided nature walks, landings, and other activities.

Explore iconic global destinations

Whether you’ve always dreamed of exploring the pristine fjords of Greenland, setting foot in Machu Picchu, or sailing the tropical Panama Canal, you’ll witness jaw-dropping scenery, and cities positively buzzing culture.

Embark on a journey of scientific discovery

With cutting-edge observation equipment including powerful microscopes and underwater drones, our onboard research scientists will open your eyes to the natural wonders around you.

An action-packed itinerary

For most, a Grand Expedition Cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’ll do our very best to show you a range of wildlife spots and activities that’ll make it an unforgettable expedition.

Wildlife on Grand Expedition Cruise

Get set for one continuous wildlife watching experience! As we traverse different areas of the world, we’ll discover a spectacular variety of animals. From whales, seals and penguins in the colder climes, to the exotic fauna of the tropics, the Grand Expedition Cruise you choose will offer plenty of opportunities to get up close and marvel at the creatures of the natural world.

Sail away on a floating oasis

With our Grand Expedition Cruises, you'll experience the adventure of a lifetime on a state-of-the-art ship that's built for exploration. With an informal atmosphere, top restaurants serving regionally inspired local dishes, and high-quality service, you’ll develop a strong bond to your comfortable home-away-from-home.

Expedition Team on Grand Expedition Cruises

Your Expedition Team are experts with many years of experience. They’ll join you on shore landings, hikes, kayaking and boat trips, sharing their knowledge of ecology, natural history, and explaining conservation efforts as you explore. With only around 11 guests per expedition guide, you’ll enjoy a more tailored cruise.

Expedition Ships on Grand Expedition Cruises

On all of the ships in today’s fleet, you’ll find modern facilities carefully blended with true character. Since 1893, our ships have been a hallmark of the Norwegian coast and beyond. Today, we operate state-of-the-art ships fitted out to the very latest in modern shipboard standards and technology. With excellent onboard facilities, and meals prepared using locally sourced organic ingredients, you’ll be exploring safely and in true comfort.

Conscious travel

As we explore, we ensure we do nothing that might disturb the animals and ecosystems, and leave as small a footprint as possible.

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