Alaska and British Columbia

Wilderness, Glaciers and Culture (Southbound)

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Departure date
June 19, 2023
15 days

Experience the vast wilds of Alaska and British Columbia

  • 15-day expedition cruise from Anchorage, Alaska to Vancouver, with a scenic bus trip to Seward and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre.

  • Visit the Ivy League glaciers, Icy Bay, Misty Fjords and Sitka, with chances to see humpback whales, Bald Eagles and bears.

  • Experience the vibrant city of Vancouver, visiting historic Gastown, neon-lit Granville Street and West End beaches.

Diverse nature and culture

Discover astonishing scenery, and fascinating history and culture as we travel from Anchorage through the glaciers, mountains, fjords and towns of the Gulf of Alaska. Each frontier town we visit reveals more insights into the region's rich indigenous, Russian and goldrush-era heritage.

Unforgettable wildlife encounters

This is an unrivalled opportunity to see Alaska and Canada's majestic wildlife in its natural environment. Look out for Bald Eagles, bears, bison, musk oxen and elk and keep an eye open for sea otters, whales and much more.

What's Included


Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Day 1

Adventures in Anchorage

Day 2

Scenic road trip to Seward

Day 3

Ivy League glaciers

Day 4

Edge of the Copper River

Day 5

Tidal Glaciers

Day 6

William Henry Bay

Day 7

Native art in Haines

Day 8

Holkham Bay fjords

Day 9

Sitka's blend of cultures

Day 10

Alaska's 'Little Norway'

Day 11

Wrangell's Petroglyphs

Day 12

Beautiful Misty Fjords

Watch for humpback whales breaching the surface.

Day 13

Canada's Inside Passage

See intricately carved totem poles and ceremonial masks.

Day 14

First Nations encounter

Day 15

Vibrant Vancouver

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Included Activities

It's a mixture of adventure activities for individuals of all ages

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Onboard Science Programme

Our Science Programme has one goal: to increase your curiosity, knowledge and interest of the areas you are sailing to.

Young Explorers Programme

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Alaska and British Columbia

Wilderness, Glaciers and Culture (Southbound)