Panama Canal & Colonial Highlights with Lake Titicaca

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3 departures between Oct 2022 and Oct 2023

Discover the manmade wonders of the Panama Canal and Lake Titicaca

Feats of engineering and wondrous wildlife

On this unforgettable expedition, we'll see some of the gems of the South American Pacific coastline. Starting in Colón, we'll travel through the ingeniously designed Panama Canal, explore colourful Puerto Bolivar, visit Trujillo's ancient ruins and mystical Amaru Muro.

The world's highest navigable lake

Heading inland to Lake Titicaca, also the largest lake in South America, you'll meet the local Uros people, who weave totoro reeds to create their floating homes. You can also explore the lakes' tranquil waters by kayak.

What's Included

Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

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An aerial view of Colón

Day 1

Embarking at Colón

Panama Canal from above.

Day 2

Through the Panama Canal

Man and woman standing on outdoor deck with binoculars looking for birds.

Day 3

Relax at sea

An aerial view of Montecristi, near Manta

Day 4

Made in Montecristi

Hummingbird sitting in a tree.

Day 5

Bountiful Puerto Bolivar

Man in shirt, onboard photographer, standing with a camera in the expedition lounge.

Day 6

Science and leisure

Chan Chan

Day 7

Trujillo and Chan Chan

Puno City, Lake Titicaca

Day 8

From Callao to Juliaca

Lake Titicaca

Day 9

The Uros of Lake Titicaca

Chucuito, Peru

Day 10

Chucuito and Aramu Muru

Fountain on a square with palm trees, large beautiful buildings in the background.

Day 11

Lima’s UNESCO treasures

Included Activities

It's a mixture of adventure activities for individuals of all ages

Photo Credit: Espen Mills

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South America

Panama Canal & Colonial Highlights with Lake Titicaca