Galápagos Islands, Ancient History & Highlights of South America

Departure date

Galápagos wildlife, Incan ruins and colourful cities

  • 14-day expedition cruise, touring the beautiful Galápagos Islands, before sailing from Lima, Peru along South America's Pacific coast to Valparaíso, Chile.

  • Travel to charming Quito in Ecuador, and UNESCO sites including Humberstone in the Atacama Desert and ancient Lima's historic centre.

  • See incredible wildlife in the Galápagos like giant tortoises, Darwin's finches, iguanas, penguins, dolphins, humpback whales, and much more.

Giant tortoises of Galápagos

Spot unforgettable wildlife on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the incredible Galápagos, from marine iguanas and Galápagos penguins to wild tortoises and rare seabirds. You'll visit Santa Cruz Island and Baltra Island.

Ancient Incan wonders

Explore the Chimu Empire city of Chan Chan and mysterious Mochican pyramids, marvel at Chinchorro mummies, and see the spectacular Nazca Lines on an optional excursion. We'll also visit sunny Iquique, see the stone churches of La Serena and explore colourful cities of Lima, Quito and Valparaíso on this exhilirating South American tour.

What's Included

Land Programme in Galápagos Islands before the cruise

Expedition Cruise

Onboard Activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Explore Ecuador's capital

Day 1

Discover Quito

Day 2

Santa Cruz's tortoises

Day 3

Galápagos island hopping

Day 4-5

From Baltra to Lima

Day 6

Historic Lima

Day 7

Ballestas and Nazca

Day 8

A restful day at sea

Day 9

Sunny Arica

Day 10

Iquique and the Atacama

Day 11

Enjoy a day at sea

Day 12

Stunning La Serena

Day 13

Valparaíso, a UNESCO gem

Day 14

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