From Lisbon to Hamburg

Europe´s Atlantic Highlights

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Discover the captivating charms of Europe's Atlantic coast

  • 13-day expedition cruise from Lisbon to Hamburg, taking in spectacular scenery, UNESCO Sites and beautiful nature along Europe's Atlantic coast.

  • Sailing from Portugal, Spain and France to the Netherlands and Germany, discover the cultural and historic treasures of their celebrated port cities.

  • Experience charming fishing villages, gastronomic delights and the wild coastal landscapes of northern Spain and western France.

Iberian delights

Your adventure begins in Lisbon. We sail along the Iberian Peninsula to beautiful Porto. From here, you'll explore the historical, cultural and culinary delights of Galicia and the Basque country.

French connection

Next, you'll enjoy fantastic experiences in Bordeaux, Ile d’Aix and Brittany. Expect wild coastal landscapes, pretty fishing villages, medieval towns and rich maritime history. Discover the canal town of Harlingen before ending your European coastal tour in cosmopolitan Hamburg.

What's Included

Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Torre de Belem at sunset, Lisbon, Portugal

Day 1

Enchanting Lisbon

Cable cars over the old town and river in Porto, Portugal.

Day 2

Charming Porto

San Felipe, an old military fortress, in Ferrol, Spain

Day 3

Galician Coast and Ferrol

The University of Gijon, old beige buildings and tower in the middle.

Day 4

Golden Sands of Gijón

Chef preparing pintxos.

Day 5

Explore San Sebastián

Futuristic building in Bordeux, France.

Day 6

Bordeaux, City of Wine

Fort Boyard, an ancient prison. A grey building / fort surrounded by water in Ile d'Aix, France.

Day 7

Ile d’Aix, Emperor's Isle

Colourful, old houses, Brittany

Day 8

Wild Beauty in Brittany

Sailor with white beard and blue hat on board a ship.

Day 9

Land's End at Finistère

Saint Malo, France, from above. Old city surrounded by white beaches and blue water.

Day 10

The Citadel of Saint-Malo

Dolphin jumping out of the water in the English Channel.

Day 11

Cruising the Channel

Wooden sailboat in Noorderhaven canal, Harlingen, Netherlands

Day 12

Potter around Harlingen

Hamburg skyline with the Elbphilarmonie building

Day 13

Arrival in Hamburg

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Included Activities

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Photo Credit: Espen Mills

Onboard Science Programme

Our Science Programme has one goal: to increase your curiosity, knowledge and interest of the areas you are sailing to.


From Lisbon to Hamburg

Europe´s Atlantic Highlights