Christmas Expedition Cruise to Cape Verde & the Bissagos Islands

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Swap Christmas snow and slush for sunshine at sea as we explore the fascinating diversity of Cape Verde and the Bissagos Islands – two very different island archipelagos in the seas off Western Africa

Africa to Cape Verde 

From rocky volcanic promontories in the deep Atlantic, warmed by the dry Saharan winds in the north, to lush and humid tropical rainforests further south, you’ll experience a mosaic of cultures, peoples, traditions, landscapes and ecosystems. Dakar, the buzzing capital of Senegal, lies on a promontory jutting out into the ocean. It’s the most affluent and influential city in Western Africa, and the preeminent hub of one of the continent’s most successful democracies. The nearby island of Gorée played a historical role in the slave trade, and is a draw for many visitors. 

Laid-back Cape Verde, where we’ll be over Christmas, is situated around 350 miles from the African mainland. Its location creates some rare oceanic habitats, with coral reefs rich in marine life, and seas where cetaceans and turtles thrive. It’s also a bird-watchers paradise, with many fascinating species arriving as temporary visitors, together with several extremely rare endemic species.  

Bissagos Islands and back to Africa 

The Bissagos archipelago, located off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, is a pristine tropical paradise. These islands, which are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, are known for their incredible biodiversity. They are also home to the Bijagos people – who have retained their ancient animistic beliefs, and live in a matriarchal society where women manage the economic, political and religious lives of their communities.  

The tiny city of Banjul is the capital of Gambia, itself the smallest country in mainland Africa. For centuries, the River Gambia was once a hub of the cruel slave trade. Places like James Island, nowadays a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bear testimony to this tragic period in history.

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The vibrant capital of Senegal

Day 1

Bound for Cape Verde

Day 2

Christmas Eve at Cape Verde most African island

Day 3

Christmas Day on Sahara Island

Day 4

Mountain paradise of Cape Verde

Day 5

Adventure landing on an active volcano

Day 6

Bound for the Bissagos Islands

Day 7

Matriarchal societies in a biodiversity hotspot

Day 8-11

The smallest capital in Africa

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The end of the expedition

Day 13

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