Young Explorers

Good news, parents! If your child is aged 6-13, they can join our complimentary Young Explorers activity programme on board our ships (except MS Vesterålen) during July and August.

We warmly invite families with young children to come and experience the Norwegian coast together with us. Through a range of activities on and off the ship, our team will feed your children’s curiosity and nurture their sense of adventure. It’ll be a family holiday full of fun memories that they and you will cherish for years to come. 

Please note: the Young Explorers programme is available only on our 12-day Classic Roundtrip Voyage.

Forming friendships

The programme has been designed to be interactive and engaging for young minds. Art workshops, creative challenges, competitive games, and quick-fire quizzes add to a stimulating pace that grabs their attention.

The tasks and activities also naturally lend themselves to team building and bonding. The children therefore often make new friends, playing together outside the programme, beginning friendships that could last a lifetime.


Minds of the future

Below are some examples of topics your children might learn about as part of the Young Explorers programme.

Each is taught in a way that will activate your child’s imagination and increase their awareness of the world they’ll eventually inherit from us.


  • Learn how the ancient Vikings lived and explored 

  • Get to know famous Norwegian polar explorers and their journeys 

  • Learn about polar exploration during a mountain hike  

  • Hear about key moments in Norway’s history



  • Discover the science and myths behind the Northern Lights 

  • Learn how to identify bird species along the Norwegian coast 

  • See how we recycle on board the ship 

  • Join a clean-up on a local beach, removing plastic and litter


  • Explore Northern Norway’s indigenous Sámi culture

  • Learn about the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv - outdoors life 

  • Practise speaking a few Sámi words and counting to ten 

  • Craft works of art using everyday items


Frequently asked questions

You can sign up onboard. Availability varies per ship and is based on a minimum number of participants.

The programme is free of charge. 

The full programme is spread over 10 days of our 12-day Classic Roundtrip Voyage. Each day features a different theme, and children are welcome to join whenever they want during their voyage of any length. 

The age range is 6 to 13 years old, but older children are welcome. Younger children can attend if accompanied by a parent. 

English and Norwegian.

Our organisers can run the programme without parents or guardians present. However, parents are welcome to accompany their children during the programme and join in with activities. Depending on the number of children, we may need to ask a few parents to attend as well.