Fine dining in Rost on board MS Trollfjord

Restaurants on MS Trollfjord

The dining concepts aboard exquisitely designed MS Trollfjord proudly present Norwegian cuisine at its finest and most sustainable.

The produce and culinary heritage of Norway’s coast is at the heart of your experience on board MS Trollfjord. New ports mean new suppliers to work with, new ingredients to play with and new stories to tell. The ship’s peerless menus, cocktails and food courses are inspired by them all, as well as archive menus and age-old Norwegian preservation techniques.    

MS Trollfjord’s strikingly reimagined three restaurants and bar offer an exciting flavour of Norway’s past, present and future. Each one embraces traditional preservation methods that have been tried and trusted by Norwegians through 1,000 Arctic winters, such as drying, fermenting and salting. On board, you can eat dry-aged beef served by a chef with a story about the meat’s provenance, drink beer made from water sourced in Trollfjord, and learn all about the distinctly Nordic spirit aquavit.  

Best of all, the journey from fjord or field to fork is short but deliciously sweet. As we sail, you’ll pass the very fjords that gave us our fish, the mountains that grew our herbs and the slopes that reared our lamb.


MS Trollfjord’s main restaurant, Flora, is inspired by Norway’s edible herbs, berries, mushrooms, flowers, fruit and vegetables. This incredible treasury of produce influences every part of your dining experience here, from the herb-infused mayonnaises to the petals and scrolls of the distinctly Norwegian Rosemaling folk art design that unfurls across the restaurant’s décor.  

Depending on what’s in season, you could try dishes such as lightly smoked Arctic char, plant-based Wellington with sugar kelp confit Trøndersopp from our own kelp farm, or flavoursome wild game enriched by time spent grazing on berries, herbs and flowers.

When can I dine in Flora?

Come here for self-service breakfast, lunch buffets, and à la carte dinners. Seating is open on the day of departure, but fixed for the rest of your voyage. If you would like to change your seat, please contact the Restaurant Manager on board. Flora is also the venue for the gala dinner towards the end of your voyage.

Flora restaurant on board MS Trollfjord
Restaurant Flora MS Trollfjord HGR 162894 Photo Espen Mills

Brasserie Árran

Brasserie Árran is our way of showing our respect and gratitude to the Sámi people and everything they have done for Norway. Árran is a northern Sámi word for the fire at the heart of a lavvo (a temporary dwelling used by the Sámi people for thousands of years). It’s a place for people to gather and share stories, which is exactly what we hope you’ll do in Brasserie Árran. The restaurant decor’s use of dark wood, leather and rough-hewn stone creates a warm and rustic feel that reflects the hearty food on the menu. 

Here, you can dine on traditional dishes with a modern twist such as bidos (a Sámi reindeer stew), souvas (sliced smoked reindeer meat) with lingonberry aioli, or pickled herring on rye bread with cured egg yolk.

When can I dine in Árran?

Árran is open for lunch and dinner. Seating is open, so no reservations are required.

Árran Bistro on board MS Trollfjord
brasserie rran ms trollfjord hgr 162890 1920 photo espen mills
arran ms trollfjord hgr 163969 espen mills


Inspired by the ancient fish bank of Røst in the Lofoten Islands, our fine-dining restaurant is a homage to the produce that helped established Norway: fish. Røst’s menu is based on the flora and fauna that flourishes beneath the ship and along the coast.  

Alongside the stockfish that Norway’s economy – and heritage – was built on, your dishes could include salmon or reindeer as well as more unexpected ingredients such as seaweed, kelp, Arctic pearls (a vegan roe), and sea urchins. Our resident sommeliers are on hand to help pair each dish with the perfect wine. 

This attention to detail extends to the restaurant’s décor. Modern art, gold accents, and an open kitchen perfectly complement the refined Scandinavian design, which draws on the undulating lines of a salmon.   

When can I dine in Røst?

Suite guests can choose to dine in Røst for all meals, including a daily, Norwegian-inspired afternoon tea complete with delectable macarons, scones, cakes, and sandwiches, washed down with a glass of sparkling wine. For dinner, Suite guests must make a reservation directly at the restaurant.

Cabin guests can also upgrade to dine at Røst through the app, directly at the restaurant or through the Restaurant Manager.

Norway The North Cape Line HGR 166439 Espen Mills

1893 Bar

Your culinary experience on MS Trollfjord extends to the 1893 Bar too. Settle down in a comfortable chair behind the huge windows on the two-storey observation deck and take your pick of drinks laced with the flavours and remarkable stories of the Norwegian coast.

Perhaps a Nordic-themed cocktail made with berries picked along the coast, beer brewed with water from Trollfjord, spirits distilled with glacial water, or something from the wide selection of Norwegian aquavit – including our very own. There’s no better place to watch that extraordinary scenery slip by.

And it is not just about the drinks. Every day between 15:30 and 16:30, guests can enjoy an afternoon treat and tuck into a mini buffet of fresh fruit and sumptuous cakes.

Please note: Opening hours may vary due to weather, ports and activities. Guests can find updated opening hours on the daily programme onboard.

MS Trollfjord 1893 Bar HGR 163369 1920 Photo Espen Mills
1893 Bar MS Trollfjord HGR 162884 1920 Photo Espen Mills
1893 Bar MS Trollfjord HGR 162880 1920 Photo Espen Mills