Colombia Countryside & Indigenous Culture

Enjoy a hike through the lush Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In a visit to this indigenous cultural reserve, learn about some of the best-preserved indigenous cultures of Colombia, participate in an indigenous ceremony, and taste a traditional lunch in the Colombian countryside.

  • Visit Tayrona Indigenous Cultural Reserve, learn about the indigenous culture, and explore the museum and the ancient terraces.
  • Hike in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Taste a traditional lunch in the Colombian countryside.
  • Participate in a short indigenous ceremony.
  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Active - good mobility needed

  • Duration


  • Max. passengers


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  • From

    $ 119

  • Notices

    Appropriate clothing, including comfortable and sturdy walking shoes, a sunhat, and loose clothing. Sunscreen recommended

Take in the scenery as you depart Santa Marta, traveling on a road that climbs to higher elevations. En route, savor views of the Sierra Nevada foothills on one side and the lush vegetation of Tayrona National Park on the other. 

Pass through villages and glimpse locals going about their daily business before arriving at the Tayronaka parking area, where you will leave your bus and start your gentle 30-minute guided hike through tropical vegetation to the ruins.

During your relaxed tour through the grounds, see the remains of terraced settlements dating back to between 800 and 1600 AD. Your guide will explain how the structures were built and how they provided a home for the Tayrona people. Take time to appreciate the natural surroundings, the tropical flowers, and the sights and sounds of peacocks, toucans, and parrots.

For a deeper understanding of the Tayrona culture, a small, one-room museum houses a reconstruction of an original round house. These types of houses are still used by a different group of indigenous people, attesting to the utility of this ancient form of construction. In addition, local descendants of the ancient peoples will be on hand to interact with you and demonstrate some of their life skills. 

Get a real taste of the culture over lunch with sancocho, a hearty stew of meat and local vegetables, fried green bananas, accompanied by agua panela con limon, or sugar cane juice with lemon. The setting is as delightful as the fare, as you will enjoy your meal under a thatched-roof restaurant set within the gardens.

Return to your bus on foot and make your way along the jungle trail that borders the Don Diego River, which served as the setting for the film ‘The Mission’. Reaching your bus, enjoy the approximately 90-minute journey to the pier, viewing countryside scenes along the way.

Practical information:

  • Language: English and Spanish

  • Included: Yes - Traditional lunch of sancocho, a Colombian specialty. It is similar to a hearty soup or stew with local products like yuca, green bananas, meat, and potatoes. The lunch will be accompanied by ‘agua panela con limon’ (sugar cane juice with lemon).

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate clothing, including comfortable and sturdy walking shoes, a sunhat, and loose clothing. Sunscreen recommended

  • Walking information: Approximately 1.5 hours of walking. Forest trails are uneven and include compacted mud, sand, tree roots, and loose stones. To reach the Tayrona Terraces (optional), you must go up and down 30–40 steps. 10–12 Steps to enter to different places in the reserve.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.