Be Citizen Science ready

Become a Citizen Scientist with the help of your smartphone and these easy-to-use apps. Get started before you join your expedition and start contributing to global research straight from your pocket.

What to do before you travel

Although our ships offer Wi-Fi on board, our expedition cruises travel to remote destinations meaning that internet coverage and speed can be limited at times. That’s why we recommend downloading some of the key Citizen Science apps on your mobile devices before joining your expedition cruise with us so that you are all set to connect to your inner scientist.

This will allow you to get involved across a range of projects, submitting your own photos and data, and receiving updates on your personal observations, from whale fluke matches to plant identification. Don’t worry, if you are unable to download the apps in advance, you will still be able to join in Citizen Science activities as a group with your fellow guests and our Expedition Team.

Take flight with the eBird app

With over 100 million bird sightings contributed annually, eBird is using the information collected to power science, conservation, and education. Wherever you go, eBird is there with their easy-to-use app, allowing you to record all your bird sighting whilst you are out exploring the world. All your sightings are linked directly to your profile making it even easier to track everything in one place.

Get involved with iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a social network where naturalists, Citizen Scientists, and biologists map and share observations of biodiversity across the globe. Through the iNaturalist App, you can become an active Citizen Scientist direct from your mobile. Create an account to easily share observations with the growing social network and learn more about nature.

Get involved with Happywhale

It is easy to get involved! If you have any images of whales from your travels (recent or old), simply submit these on the Happywhale website and the platform will do the rest. Don't forget to select the ship and trip you joined when submitting! Learn about where your whale has been, where it might visit next and so much more.

Head in the cloud with NASA Globe Observer

Working in collaboration with NASA, the Globe Cloud Observer app helps to capture observations on the ground. By using the app, you are joining the globe community across over 120 countries in recording environmental observations that support NASA satellite images. In photographing clouds and recording sky observations, you can help scientists gain a new perspective on clouds that satellites just can't provide: direct from the ground! 

Get involved with ORCA

As one of the UK's leading whales and dolphin conservation charities, ORCA is consistently looking for new and engaging ways to interact with both the wider public and guests on board our Expedition ships.

One of the best ways to support and get involved is through the ORCA OceanWatchers app. This easy-to-use app allows you to record your sightings and helps you to identify what animal you spotted.

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