Travel Requirements

Before you set off on your trip, please familiarise yourself with the travel regulations and requirements in place for your destination. Please note it is your responsibility to identify and obtain all required documents.

To help you get all the information you need for your trip, please fill out your details in the tool linked below to find out your specific destination requirements.  

1. Enter your information and travel details in the tool linked below.  

2. Carefully read the requirements and select the ‘+’ next to ‘travel documents’ to find personalised information about passport, visa, and vaccination requirements, as well as COVID-19 local requirements.  

3. If you are transiting through another country, fill out the ‘transit’ section to find out the required documents.   

Should you have any issues finding your requirements, please see additional destination requirement information below.  Please note we are unable to accept any liability if you are denied access to a flight or entry into a country or are otherwise affected by difficulties or costs resulting from your passport not being approved or if you have not obtained the required documentation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any mandatory visa or travel documentation that is required at the time of travel.   

Click on the link below to go find out what you need to do to enter the country you are sailing from:

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