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St Matthew Island Nature Landing



1-2 hours
Available all year
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Set foot on a remote and remarkable island in the middle of Alaska’s Bering Strait.
  • Join a nature landing with expedition boats to see a remote Alaskan island in the Bering Strait

  • Enjoy excellent photo opportunities of rare birds nesting on cliffs and steep pinnacles

  • Scout for the beautiful crested auklet, long-tailed jaeger and the rare McKay’s Bunting

Birders’ heaven

Explore this dramatic isle in the centre of the Bering Strait – Alaska’s most remote destination. Dramatic jagged peaks rise from the ocean and soft plains cover the inland. Millions of seabirds come here to feed and breathe in the summer months. Indulge in the essence of expedition travel and set foot where few have been.

Practical information

  • Remarks/requirements: Guests to wear appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes

  • Walking information: Some rough walking during the nature landing

  • Wheelchair accessible: No

  • Language: English

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