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Northwest Passage & Arctic Canada Cruises

Save up to 15% on selected sailings to Northwest Passage & Arctic Canada throughout 2024.

Reasons to explore the Northwest Passage & Arctic Canada with us

Sail through the wild and isolated Northwest Passage and venture into the wild as you journey off the beaten track in Arctic Canada aboard a modern ice-class expedition ship. We’ll probe this fabled route in the same spirit as the pioneers who sought to prove its existence. Using our small expedition boats we’ll land at historic exploration sites, visit remote Inuit communities, and kayak amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Sailing the Northwest Passage and Arctic Canada

  • Explore the Northwest Passage on our small, well-equipped, hybrid expedition ships, where safety and sustainability come first. Sail in style and comfort so you’re relaxed, rested, and ready for adventure.

Activities in the NWP and Arctic Canada

  • Your expedition cruise has included and optional activities so you can make the most of your Arctic adventure. 

  • The onboard Expedition Team are natural born explorers. They’ll take you on hikes, shore landings and expedition boat cruising, and give talks about wildlife, history, geology and other topics about your destination. 

Wildlife of the Arctic regions

You’ll enjoy seeing incredible Arctic wildlife as you explore the Arctic regions between Alaska and Greenland. Look out for whales such as narwhals, minke, bowhead and beluga – and scan the shores for iconic ‘King of the Arctic’ polar bears. 

A true explorer

Become one of very few people in the world to cross the epic, and often unforgiving, Northwest Passage on board our ice-class expedition ships.

Guest enjoying the view from the stern of MS Maud. Photo: Tom Woodstock/Ultrasharp

Save up to 15%

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Wild and exhilarating

Join our experienced captains, crew and Expedition Team to navigate the maze of islands, channels and ice floes of the remote Canadian High Arctic.

Activities in the NWP and Arctic Canada

As we sail into the wilds of the High Arctic, activities will bring you closer to its enthralling sites. You might find yourself visiting ancient Inuit dwellings and former trading posts, hunting pods of narwhal with your camera, or visiting the remnants of historic expeditions.

Rocky Mountaineer: Through the Canadian Rockies (Pre)

Experience a scenic 4-day journey from Banff to Vancouver onboard the famous Rocky Mountaineer train.

* Please note that these are optional activities; an additional cost may apply.

Expedition heroes

Join the Expedition Team on landings at historic sites and learn about the legendary expeditions of Franklin and Amundsen – both the successes and failures.

A plethora of life 

Arctic Canada and the lands surrounding the Northwest Passage are wild and unspoiled places. It’s here that we can find six seal species: harp, hooded, ringed, bearded, spotted and ribbon. And as polar bears hunt these seals in the seas and on the ice, herds of musk oxen and caribou roam the tundra. Birdwatchers might see kittiwakes and auklets in the Bering Strait, guillemots in Prince Christian Sound, and maybe even the elusive Ivory Gull.

Animals of the Arctic

See icons of the Arctic such as polar bears, beluga whales, walruses and narwhal in their natural habitat as you sail through pristine waters.

Your Arctic Expedition Team

The Expedition Team on board your ship are wildlife experts and scientists. As they guide you, they’ll help you spot wildlife and share their knowledge during lectures in the Science Centre as your Arctic Canada and the Northwest Passage adventure unfolds.

Arctic Expedition Ships Built for Adventure

State-of-the-art, ice-class expedition ships, combined with the nautical expertise of our captains and crew means we’re able to attempt sailing through the Northwest Passage with confidence. Whether it’s crossing Baffin Bay or sailing through the Bering Strait, our ships can easily handle local conditions.

Sail safely and sustainably

Cruise aboard our ice-class expeditions ships best suited to polar waters. Choose from one of our smallest ships or our hybrid–powered ships.

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