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Antarctica Cruises

Save up to 15% on selected sailings along the rugged Alaskan coastline departing throughout 2024 and 2025.

Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Explore Antarctica’s epic icescapes, sculpted by the rawest forces of nature. Visit landing sites, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery on this planet. See spectacular wildlife, including Antarctica’s famous penguins, whales, and seals. Guided by our Expedition Team, you’ll actively explore Antarctica on hikes, in a kayak, as a Citizen Scientist, or even camping in Antarctica. See our itineraries, activities and offers.

Exploring Antarctica

  • For over 20 years we have been sailing and exploring the waters of Antarctica, making us one of the most experienced operators of this last true wilderness.

Meet the locals

  • Despite the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions, there’s one resident who remains on the ice all year-round – the penguin. Antarctica is home to millions of penguins, from the unmistakable Chinstrap to the adorable Adélie. 

  • During the warmer spring and summer months, the seas around the Antarctic Peninsula come alive with whales and seals which migrate here to feast on the abundant krill at this time. 

  • The region is a true birdwatcher’s paradise who are drawn by the millions of birds across 46 species. Keep your eyes peeled for Wandering Albatrosses, shearwaters, Giant Petrels and Storm Petrels, to name but a few. 

Exploring Antarctica

  • Get ready to explore the frozen landscape of Antarctica, with a range of included and optional activities to ensure experience the very best.

  • Our small expedition boats allow us to easily navigate the icy maze, getting you closer to the rich wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

  • As experts in their field, our Expedition Team will give lectures about Antarctica on topics from glaciology, marine biology, and history to photography and ornithology. They’ll also be your guides during your Antarctica expedition, on landings, hikes, and when expedition boat cruising.

Wonders of the Seventh Continent

Sail among the sublime frozen icescapes of Antarctica, between icebergs, close to calving glaciers, and past huge ice floes in the Southern Ocean.

Guest enjoying the view from the stern of MS Maud. Photo: Tom Woodstock/Ultrasharp

Save up to 15%

Explore the world and save across selected departures to some of the worlds most breathtaking destinations.

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Immersive exploration

On an Antarctica cruise, experience the frozen continent in all its raw majesty. Hike to penguin colonies or kayak among icebergs.

Activities in Antarctica

Our expedition cruises to Antarctica are packed with active adventure and immersive experiences. You’ll explore not just sightsee, boarding small boats, touring iceberg-filled bays and going ashore to see penguin colonies and other wildlife. No matter your activity level or interests, you’ll find included and optional activities to suit you.

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

Our snowshoeing excursion in Antarctica takes you to rarely visited pearls, inaccessible on foot.

Kayaking Adventure in Antarctica

Explore wildlife and icebergs close-up on a life-changing Antarctica kayaking excursion.

Camping in Antarctica (An Amundsen Night)

In the true style of the early explorers, we venture out at night for a once in a lifetime experience as we go camping in the Antarctic night. Although Amundsen, Scott and Nordenskjold had different equipment, they used the best gear available at the time. So do we. This activity features top of the line camping equipment that meets Antarctic standards for camping on snow. This activity may have limited availability. In the event that space becomes limited, participants will be chosen via a lottery based lucky draw.

* Please note that these are optional activities; an additional cost may apply.

Pristine wildlife

Delight in the wonder of nature as you see thousands of Antarctica’s penguins going about their daily business.

Wildlife in Antarctica

A vast polar desert, consisting of 98 percent ice and snow, Antarctica is a haven for millions of penguins and thousands of seals. The krill-rich seas attract large numbers of whales and 47 species of birds. On ice cruising and landings, you’ll encounter some of the wildest and most inspiring animals on the planet.

Science and learning

Discover what lies beneath the Antarctic ice in lectures hosted by your Expedition Team, chosen for their scientific and conservation knowledge.

Expedition Team in Antarctica

An expedition cruise to Antarctica is immersive. That’s why you’ll be accompanied by our expert Expedition Team who will guide you on landings and activities, ensure we adhere to strict guidelines to protect the fragile ecosystem and assist with science experiments. They’ll also host lectures on topics from glaciology and ornithology to environmental impacts and exploration history.

Expedition Ships

You’ll travel to Antarctica on our smaller, well-equipped, ice-class expedition ships, where safety and sustainability come first. Explore in style and comfort so you’re relaxed, rested and ready for adventure. See our Antarctica expedition ships.

Make a difference

Support the scientific community in collecting valuable data on Antarctica that contributes to global research by participating in our Citizen Science Programme.

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