As a member of Strawberry, you earn bonus points when you book a cruise with Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway.

How to book a cruise and earn bonus points

  • When purchasing a voyage with Hurtigruten, as a Strawberry member, you earn 100% of the total amount in Strawberry bonus points. For example, if you purchase a trip for €1,800, you will earn 1,800 bonus points. You do not earn points for additional bookings (e.g., excursions) made after the original booking.

  • You can expect the points to be visible in your Strawberry account within 30 days after departure.

  • To ensure the points get registered, you must log in to Strawberry ( before clicking on the link to Hurtigruten’s website and booking the trip. Make sure to make the booking immediately after you have clicked through from Strawberry's website and do not visit other websites during the booking process. You must accept cookies to ensure that your booking is registered with Strawberry.

  • Earning points only applies to online bookings made on our website. You do not earn points if the booking is made via customer service.

  • You can earn points on our Original Coastal Voyages (Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen, Bergen-Kirkenes, and Kirkenes-Bergen), the Svalbard Express, the North Cape Express, and the Spitsbergen Adventurer. You do not earn points on port-to-port trips, and you earn no points if you cancel the trip.

A national classic

Since 1893, Hurtigruten has been the main shipping route along the Norwegian coast, and we have been highly valued by the local population for many decades. The route we founded still connects the country, transporting people, delivering goods and helping to sustain communities.

Our original coastal journey is known around the world as "the world's most beautiful coastal journey", combining beautiful scenery and authentic culture with delicious food experiences.

MS Trollfjord, Tromsø, Norway

The North Cape Line and The Svalbard Line

Experience the ultimate immersion in Norway's coast and culture. Go from Oslo, Bergen, or Hamburg to the North Cape on board the North Cape Line, or join a nostalgic summer journey along the Norwegian coast up to Svalbard.

Journey on MS Nordstjernen

The Spitsbergen Adventurer

A nostalgic journey on the largest island in Svalbard, where you'll experience remote fjords, glaciers and wildlife.

Arctic Ski Sail MS Nordstjernen HGR 116796 1920 Photo Vegard Aasen