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Torvik – scenic and relaxed

Striking natural beauty blends with rural charm to give Torvik its typical coastal atmosphere

Torvik is a small village on the island Leinøya in the municipality of Herøy in Møre and Romsdal County. Herøy has a variety of businesses and is one of the most important fishing areas in the county, with a large fish factory and several fish farms. Offshore operations and shipping are other major industries. The whole island is home to about 1,440 persons.

Located in an area of striking natural beauty, Torvik is the entrance to beautiful Herøy and has the atmosphere of a typical coastal community. In addition to the surrounding archipelagos, visitors can find numerous glaciers and waterfalls within driving distance, as well as several national parks and fjords.

The neighbouring island, Runde, is known for its rich bird life, with 240 species observed. More than 500,000 birds nest here each year! Runde is also known as the “Treasure Island”. A Dutch ship carrying 60,000 gold and silver coins sank here in 1725. The coins were salvaged by divers in 1972.

A history of Torvik

The old parish of Herøy municipality was named after an archipelago of small islands called Herøyjar in Old Norse, which translates into Army islands (herr; army and øyjar; islands). Before 1918, the name was written Herø. The parish of Herøy was established as a municipality in 1838.

Port address

Torvikveien 116, 6095 Torvik