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Entry Requirements

Before you set off on your trip, please familiarise yourself with the travel regulations and requirements in place for your destination. Please note: It's your responsibility to identify and obtain all required documents.

Destination & Passport Requirements

Exploring the world shouldn't be stressful, and with each of our unique destinations having different entry requirements (Identification, Visa, Vaccination Status, etc.) it can be confusing to get the right information for your passport. This is why we have pulled together all the information with the help of our partners at Smartvel to ensure you have everything you need to plan your next adventure with us.

Like with any international travel, A valid passport is essential, as it's the only accepted identification document. The passport validity must be in accordance with national requirements in the country/countries you will visit AND have a minimum of 6 months remaining validity at the end of your cruise.

To comply with clearance requirements in some destinations, we collect guests’ passports during check-in. Please be assured that your passport is kept in a secure location throughout the expedition cruise and will be returned to you at the end of your stay with us.

Smartvel Travel Tool

To ensure you are ready for your upcoming expedition cruise, our partnership with Smartvel means you can find out the specific destination requirements for you.

  1. Enter your information and details about your upcoming trip into the portal.

  2. The portal will confirm the specific destination requirements for your trip (Inc. Passport, Visa, Vaccination Requirements, Covid-19 Requirements)

  3. Carefully read the requirements and select the ‘+’ next to ‘travel documents’ to find specific destination requirements (Inc. Passport, Visa, Vaccination Requirements, and COVID-19 requirements.

  4. If you are transiting through another country, fill out the ‘transit’ section to find out the required documents.

  5. Should you have any issues finding your requirements, please see the additional destination requirement information below.

Click on the link below to find out what you need to do to enter the country you are sailing from.

Please Note: We are unable to accept any liability if you are denied access to a flight or entry into a country or are otherwise affected by difficulties or costs resulting from your passport not being approved or if you have not obtained the required documentation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any mandatory visa or travel documentation that is required at the time of travel.  

Updated: October 2023

Ship Manifest Information Form

All guests joining an expedition cruise must submit the Ship Manifest Information Form no later than eight weeks before embarkation.

Click here to fill out and submit the form
GDPR & Data Protection

In completing this form, you are providing us with personal information which we process in accordance with the GDPR and our Privacy Policy. The information contained in sections 1-5 is essential information that is processed either on the basis of contractual necessity or in order to comply with legal obligations placed on us. The information in section 6 is not essential but may help us to make your trip more comfortable. By providing us with this information, you are giving us your explicit consent to process that data for this purpose. You can see more information about how we handle your data by following the link here.

    Medical Screening Form 

    All guests must submit a Medical Screening Form for certain remote destinations, including Antarctica. The submitted forms are reviewed by our medical partner, Vikand. The Medical Screening Form consists of two sections. Both sections A (completed by you, the guest) and B (completed by a doctor) need to be submitted. Once you have submitted section A online, a confirmation email is sent to you with instructions regarding how to complete section B. To complete section B , guests can choose from the following three options:

    Use Vikand’s telehealth service: Book an online appointment with a Vikand doctor. They will complete the rest of the form and submit it for review. No further action is required on your side.

    Send digital form to your doctor: After completing section A, you will receive an email with a link to section B and a submission ID. You can forward both to your own examining doctor. No further action is required from you. However, in some cases, you might be required to book an appointment with your doctor.

    In-person appointment with your own doctor: Book an appointment with your doctor and print out section B for the doctor to complete during your appointment. The form is attached to your confirmation email. Scan the completed forms or take a photo of every page. Then, upload it for review through Vikand’s secure portal. Should your doctor request a physical copy of section A, print out the form that’s attached to your confirmation email.

    All forms need to be received for review between 4-8 weeks before your departure - there may be requirements to resubmit if required information is missing. Being allowed to embark does not constitute any medical advice from us as to the advisability or safety of you participating in an expedition cruise or any activities related to an expedition cruise. You must solely rely on the advice of your personal physician as to the advisability or safety of participating in an expedition cruise.

    Vaccinations and viruses

    The safety of our guests, our employees, and the communities we visit is our priority. We’ve partnered with experts in health and safety to design and implement protocols and procedures across our expedition fleet. You may require vaccinations for your expedition. Please consult your doctor for information on the vaccines you need for your expedition.  

    For requirements related to COVID-19, please see here.

    Additional Information

    When travelling to countries known to have a risk of yellow fever or Zika virus transmission, we also advise guests to ensure they bring suitable long-sleeved shirts and pants to wear when out on an expedition along with their own supply of insect repellent.

    We also recommend seeking medical advice about yellow fever and Zika virus as it is a mandatory requirement for some areas in South and Central America as well as West Africa. You can find out more information about your destination via these links here:  

    Yellow fever

    Certain parts of South and Central America, along with our West African destinations, are located in what is classified as the “Yellow Fever endemic zones”. This means all travellers above the age of 9 months must receive the yellow fever vaccination before travelling to these regions. Please note this does not include travellers only visiting Antarctica.

    The certificate for the yellow fever vaccination is only valid from 10 days after you receive the vaccination. If you have not had the vaccine in time, you may be denied entry to these areas or instructed to quarantine for up to 6 days. If such a situation occurs, Hurtigruten Expeditions cannot accept any liability.

    If you need a vaccination certificate for the country you are visiting, but you are not able to have the vaccine due to medical reasons, contact a yellow fever vaccination centre or your doctor. They may provide you with an exemption certificate, which may be accepted by officials in countries that usually require a vaccination certificate.

    Zika virus

    Zika virus is also detected in Central and South America and Africa so we advise you to talk to your doctor to understand the risks, especially if you are trying to get or are pregnant.


      All guests travelling on expeditions to Alaska, Antarctica, the Northwest Passage, and Northeast Greenland, as well as on Transatlantic crossings or Grand Expedition Cruises, are required to purchase travel insurance which covers medical evacuation and repatriation. All guests travelling to the Galápagos Islands must carry health and travel insurance, as required by the government of Ecuador. 

      Please consult the travel insurance provider of your choice for suggested coverage amounts, as medical evacuation costs can vary by destination.  

      For all Hurtigruten expeditions, health and travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect your travel investment and to ensure that you have adequate medical and repatriation cover when away from your home country.  

      All cancellations are subject to Hurtigruten’s terms and conditions. A change of voyage date after the booking has been confirmed with deposit is considered a cancellation of your original voyage date and is subject to our terms and conditions. Please purchase travel protection from an independent provider of your choice as soon as you place a deposit on your booking. 

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