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Explore the beautiful town of Stykkishólmur, the largest town on the northern side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula.
  • Enjoy a discovery walk in the friendly town of Stykkishólmur

  • Visit the Icelandic Eider Center

  • Gain information from stationed guides

Discover the beautiful town of Stykkishólmur at your own pace. You will be provided with a map of the town with suggested walking routes and highlights. Along the way there will be stationed guides who will introduce you to the town of Stykkishólmur, provide local insight and directions.

Stykkishólmur has a lot to offer. A walk up to Súgandisey lighthouse offers panoramic view of the town. Enjoy walking through the historic center with its beautiful, well-preserved old houses and interesting museums.

The church in Stykkishólmur is a fascinating architectural structure. It makes a beautiful landmark both from land and sea. The view from the church over Breiðafjörður bay is spectacular

Visit the Icelandic Eider Center to learn about the eider duck and fascinating methods of Eiderdown farming. The adjacent Breiðafjörður bay is the largest active eider duck nesting area in the world.

Practical information

Practial information:

  • Language: English.

  • Included: Map.

  • Remarks/requirements: Dress according to local weather conditions with good footwear.

  • Walking information: At guests' discretion, walking over paved surfaces.

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes.