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Experience a day of pioneer-style exploration and discover beautiful scenery and wildlife.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to take photos as we navigate the icy landscape of Prins Christian Sund

  • Marvel at the dramatic scenery, where large icebergs float in the sound

  • Admire the tall mountains, soaring up to 1,700 metres and often topped with a stunning white drizzle

  • Scout for whales and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most beautifully pristine places

Expedition spirit

On this exploration day, we’ll go where the weather and wildlife conditions are the best. You’ll experience disembarking on a beach or maybe getting up close to a glacier. Get your cameras ready as we may enjoy the magnificent sight of whales in the sound or bears on the shore. We hope to get you as close as possible to all the wonders of nature, while always maintaining a safe and respectful distance.

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