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Explore the island of La Gomera.
  • Route of the Laurisilva forest.

  • Visit the capital city of the island.

  • Learn about the traditions of La Gomera.

  • Enjoy amazing landscapes.

Welcome to Colombina Island. Did you know that Christopher Columbus made his stops on La Gomera on his way to America? It is said that the Spanish conqueror had a lover in La Gomera and before setting off to the Americas, he stopped on the island. On our itinerary we will visit the famous Laurisilva forest and enjoy the views of the island from the spectacular Mirador de Abrante. We will finish the excursion at the Juego de Bolas Park with a shot of Gomerón, a local alcoholic drink.

Practical information

Practical information: 

  • Language: English, Spanish and German

  • Included: Water

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes

  • Walking information: 5 Km

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes