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Visit the colonial city of León and enjoy a private guided tour of the attractions.
  • Visit León, the former capital of Nicaragua and an important historic city

  • Join a private guided tour to the beautiful main plaza, murals and colonial buildings

  • See the UNESCO-listed cathedral, with a chance to admire the panoramic views from the roof

  • Learn about the most important historical events in León

Colonial city

Explore historic León, established as an earthquake destroyed the old town in 1609. Admire the old architecture with one-floor houses and brick wood roofs. León still retains its colonial-style streets and buildings from that time. Evidenced by the beautiful Santa María de Regla de León Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Central America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Practical information

  • Remarks/requirements: Light clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Walking information: Yes, on even terrain, sidewalks, several steps on the way.

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes

  • Language: English, Spanish, German and French

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