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Enjoy the lush countryside of Iceland with friendly docile horseback, a great way to see the landscape and learn of the history and culture.
  • See the Icelandic countryside from Horseback.

  • Friendly horses.

  • Great way to see landscape.

  • Plenty of history and culture.

This tour is a great opportunity for those who wish to see the country form up close and get acquainted with the friendly and docile Icelandic horse. No prior riding experience is required and all necessary equipment is provided.  

Iceland is not only famous for its spectacular landscape, history and culture – its horses have also been the subject of much praise and attention. They were once romantically nicknamed ‘the most useful servant’ and were a common subject for Icelandic poets for centuries. Tough and strong animals, they bore the brunt of a long arduous workday and also served as the only means of transport for both people and goods. Bred for the harsh elements, the present day stock are the result of their ancestors having survived the rigors of extreme winter conditions and volcanic petulance.  

There is an old law, still enforced, that forbids the import of horses and any horse that leaves Iceland is barred from returning. This means that the horses in Iceland are the same race as those of the Viking Age. They are short and stocky, hardy and sure-footed, friendly and docile with a long flowing mane. 

This tour offers an easy horse riding tour through the lush countryside near Akureyri.

Practical information

Practical Information:

  • Language: English

  • Walking information: Surface underfoot is grass/mud/gravel and there are rough pathways throughout. Due to the adventurous nature of this tour, it is not recommended for guests with limited mobility. We do not recommend this tour for guests confined to a wheelchair/scooter. Guests must be able to get by themselves on and off the horses.

  • Remarks: Dress according to local weather conditions with good footwear (closed toe recommended) with a rubber or non-slip sole. Bring a camera. 

    The age limit for this tour is 8 years. 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.