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Meet women who united to create jobs using local flowers, and local youth who created a popular orchestra.
  • Learn how a community of women got together to create jobs in the mountains of El Salvador

  • Create your own piece of art with local flowers

  • Enjoy panoramic restaurants and forest walk adventures

  • Learn how a donation of four guitars inspired the creation of an orchestra of young people

Flower power

Learn how women came together in the small village of Comasagua, where jobs were limited, to create postcards from local forest flowers. This unique art has now been exported to many countries. Afterwards, hear a young peoples’ orchestra from Acajutla, El Salvador. What started as an after-school programme can now be heard at special events all around the country.

Practical information

  • Language: English and Spanish

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes

  • Walking information: Flat walking area and 50 mts

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes

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