Central America

Be immersed in a world of tropical rainforest, exotic wildlife, ancient cultures and the crystal clear waters of Central America and the Caribbean.

Beach, Caribbean

It’s no coincidence why most people’s idea of paradise is based on the tropical land and seascapes of Central America and the Caribbean. Closed canopy rainforests, towering volcanoes, azure skies, and turquoise blue waters teeming with colourful marine life form an exotic feast for the senses.

Through a wide range of land or sea activities, you’ll get closer and spend more time exploring the natural beauty that awaits you. Our ships are much smaller than the big ships usually seen in these parts, allowing you to visit remote coastal communities and hidden island gems.

Immerse yourself in village charm, ancient cultures, and diverse ecosystems of countries like Belize, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, and Panama. Indulge your senses with the region's culinary delights, the wide sandy beaches and the endless sunshine.

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Ships to Central America

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MS Fram

MS Fram was purpose-built as an expedition vessel with a superior ice class, chart drawing tools, a ship depth-sounding database, extractable forward sounding sonar, iceberg search lights, an autonomous tracking system, an oversized oil retention system for self-sufficiency, and a full ‘expedition tools deck’ equivalent to a car-deck that holds 25 vehicles. We believe that as an explorer, you need an ‘expedition base camp’ that is comfortable. It should combine ‘all oceans capabilities’ with safety, flexibility, and environmental friendliness. That’s MS Fram. She’s simply the best expedition ship imaginable.

Amundsen Antarctica Sunset

MS Roald Amundsen

Named after the first man to cross Antarctica and to reach the South Pole, MS Roald Amundsen leads the way towards an even more sustainable way of travelling. The ship is specially constructed for voyages in polar waters. It serves as a comfortable base camp at sea – bringing adventurers from all over the world to the most spectacular destinations in the most sustainable way.


MS Fridtjof Nansen

The newest addition to our fleet will honor the heritage of her namesake – the Norwegian explorer, scientist, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fridtjof Nansen. Known for his innovations in Arctic expeditions, Nansen led the first crossing of Greenland on cross-country skis. He is perhaps most famous for his attempt to reach the geographical North Pole during the Fram Expedition (1893-1896). Interestingly, after Nansen's Fram expedition, the ship was passed on to another great explorer who secretly planned an expedition to the South Pole - Roald Amundsen.