From the legendary fjords of Norway to the magic of Northern Africa. Old civilizations, magnificent cities and hidden gems - prepare to be amazed by the rich continent of Europe.


Discover an enchanting mix of well-known and off-the-beaten-track destinations that encapsulate the very best of Europe’s coastlines. You’ll discover wild and rugged coastal towns, idyllic seaside retreats, and exciting cities rich in history, culture, nature and gastronomy. Our fleet of small expedition boats can bring you to hard-to-reach beauty spots with incredible nature, while your Expedition Team will enliven your travel experience in fascinating lectures, on active adventures and guided walks. As you explore, deepen your knowledge of each destination on exhilarating optional excursions. Along Europe’s Atlantic coast, you can join the Expedition Team to discover more about Europe’s UNESCO treasures, maritime heritage, and explore scenic beaches, coves and coastal trails. In Southern Scandinavia, the Expedition Team will show you the region’s quaintest fishing villages, most picturesque waterways, and secluded coastal hideaways.

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