Alaska Cruises

Get closer to the extraordinary and experience the majesty of Alaska's epic wilderness, from its stunning scenery and rich culture to its iconic wildlife.

Alaska Expedition Cruises

Cruise to Alaska and you’ll experience the thrill of visiting an epic wilderness, from stunning scenery and rich culture to iconic wildlife. With vast forests and towering mountain ranges, Alaska a place of breathtaking beauty. On our Alaska cruises, keep an eye out for eagles and bears while exploring the varied landscape on foot or in a kayak, and experience the country’s unique culture as you explore Gold Rush era towns.

Alaska expedition cruises

Our expedition cruises are the ideal choice to explore the wild nature of Alaska. Choose from 14 to 19-day trips, travelling between May and September.

Activities in Alaska

Land from a small boat to connect intimately with the places you visit. Enjoy hiking through the landscape or kayaking in the fjords, while town tours and UNESCO World Heritage sites will teach you about the history and culture of the Alaskan people.

Wildlife in Alaska

Alaska is a wild paradise, offering rich landscapes filled with diverse habitats. On our Alaskan cruises you can spot rare birds in the county’s epic forests, which are also home to caribou, moose, bears and Bald Eagles.

Expedition Team in Alaska

Your Expedition Team are Alaska experts. They’ll accompany you as you explore the islands, guiding nature walks, landings, and other included activities included while cruising Alaska.

Visit Alaska to discover its rugged nature, rare wildlife, Indigenous culture and rich history.

Untouched wildlife

Look for moose and caribou wandering the forests and brown bears fishing for salmon in the rivers. The waters of Alaska are teeming with life too – you might see whales, porpoises, dolphins, or even large colonies of sea lions.

Expedition encounters

Explore the stunning scenery and remarkable wildlife aboard expedition boats, guided by our expert Expedition Team.

Activities in Alaska

Keep active in Alaska by enjoying a hike or kayaking in the fjords. Immersed in nature, scout for magnificent creatures like bears, sea otters, whales and eagles. Our Expedition Team hosts lectures and leads the way, as you land in small boats at untouched beauty spots. Visiting remote communities and historic towns, you’ll learn about the fascinating history and wildlife of Alaska.

Rich history

Towering totem poles and onion-domed Russian churches reflect the fascinating history of a people who are proud of their collective heritage and more than willing to share it with you.

Alaska wildlife

Alaska is the ultimate place for adventure. Off the beaten track, the breathtaking medley of dramatic fjords, icebergs, glaciers and deep forests is where you’ll discover wildlife thriving in untouched splendour. Be prepared for an epic Alaska expedition cruise to a remote realm with fauna in abundance – a haven for birds, fish, bears, whales, caribou, moose, deer, wolves and many other species.

MS Roald Amundsen in Tracy & Endicott Arms, Alaska. Credit: Oscar Farrera

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Bear Country

Alaska really is bear country, with all species of North American bears flourishing here. Grizzly, brown, and black bears abound, while polar bears roam the colder northern latitudes.

Alaska Expedition Team

Your Expedition Team are Alaska experts with many years of experience. They’ll join you on shore landings, hikes, kayaking and boat trips, sharing their knowledge of ecology, natural history, and explaining conservation efforts as you explore. With only around 11 guests per expedition guide, you’ll enjoy a more tailored Alaska expedition.

When to see

September to October. Later in the season is the best time for visitors to see the Northern Lights as increased darkness improves their visibility.

Warmer weather

Warmer weather

The best time to visit Alaska is during the summer. The summer season is short, but temperatures can reach 65°F or 19°C. The relatively mild climate is caused by proximity to the ocean. This period is also the driest. The sun is also up most of the time, providing glorious daylight for exciting activities and wildlife spotting. Summer is also a good time to observe Glacier calving, when great hunks of ice spill from the glaciers shattering into the sea.

Birds nesting

Birds nesting

Alaska’s vast stretches of intact habitat attract birds from far away, and provide important habitats to more than 500 birds, including four different types of eagles. Different species of geese, ducks, gulls and puffins are probably expected, but even tiny hummingbirds have been seen here. On the larger end of the scale, there are albatrosses, pelicans, falcons and not to forget majestic eagles. If you want to photograph nests, think June. That's when birds in Southeast Alaska build nests (and sing) the most.

Whale watching

Whale watching

Spring and summer are ideal times for whale watching in Alaska, particularly from the months of May through September. Eight species frequent the waters along the Alaskan coastline: beluga, humpback, grey, orca, bowhead, blue, right and minke whales.



Alaska is bear country and all species of North American bears flourish here: grizzly, brown and black bears. It is not uncommon for visitors to see bears, usually from a safe distance. The brown bear is common in the coastal areas, and inland they are called grizzly bears. From July through early September, bears appear near the mouth of streams and rivers to feast on spawning salmon, increasing viewing opportunities

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Birds nesting
Whale watching
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Expedition Ships to Alaska

You’ll travel aboard MS Roald Amundsen, a state-of-the-art vessel built in 2019. Its new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption and shows the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible. The stylish interior features natural materials and all the modern facilities of a top-quality ship, including a wellness centre and three excellent restaurants to choose from. On deck, an infinity pool and hot tubs give you options for rest and relaxation as you scan the horizon for wildlife.

A true adventure

It wouldn’t be a true adventure if it was completely predictable. The Captain and Expedition Team will continuously assess the weather and ice conditions to select safe landings. What’s more, we’ll go where the conditions are best and there’s most to see – a real expedition experience.

Alaska FAQ

Find the answers to your questions about Alaska on our FAQ page.

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