Expedition Cruise from the Northern Lights to Dover

Price from £2,999

Departure date
November 27, 2022
12 days

See Norway's coastal highlights on a Northern Lights expedition cruise

  • 12-day Northern Lights expedition cruise, travelling from Tromsø in Arctic Norway to Dover, England, exploring breathtaking fjords along the way.

  • Sail above the Arctic Circle on the hunt for the aurora borealis, exploring the rarely-visited islands of Senja, Mosterøy, and Kalvåg.

  • Take part in optional winter pursuits such as dogsledding, hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing.

Charm and culture

Discover Norway's coastal heritage and charming communities, from vibrant cities like Tromsø to the picture-perfect villages of Lofoten, with our Expedition Team. The natural wonders you see will come alive with their expertise guiding you.

Polar nights and Northern Lights

With short days and long winter nights, you'll experience the best conditions to see the magical Northern Lights on your cruise. Enjoy a host of winter activities above the Arctic Circle, visiting Alta and the North Cape.

What's Included

Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Tromsø by night, with northern lights in the sky.

Day 1

Tromsø the Arctic Gateway

North Cape in winter.

Day 2

The North Cape

The Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta by night, with northern lights in the sky.

Day 3-4

Arctic Alta, Aurora city

Senja in winter.

Day 5

Senja: miniature Norway

Person kayaking in Reine, Lofoten, at sunset.

Day 6

Idyllic Reine

At Sea, enjoying the view from the Explorer lounge

Day 7

Along the Helgeland coast

Nordfjord in winter from above, sky lift to the right.

Day 8

Views from Mount Hoven

Wooden houses next to the waterside at Kalvåg.

Day 9

Hidden delights of Kalvåg

Day 10

Sailing to Dover

Day 11

Potter around Harlingen

The castle in Dover.

Day 12

The White Cliffs of Dover

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Photo Credit: Espen Mills

Onboard Science Programme

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