The ‘Land’s Ends’ of Atlantic Europe and the British Isles – from Lisbon to Glasgow

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Departure Dates
12 days

Explore Europe end to end from north to south

13-Day expedition cruise from Lisbon to Glasgow taking in Europe’s dramatic headlands

Sail to the ends of the world

 In times past, the peninsulas jutting out into the Atlantic were called names like ‘Land’s End’, or ‘End of the World’, or ‘Finis Terrae’ in Latin. Sailing from Lisbon, you’ll explore spectacular ‘Land’s End’ regions, including Galicia’s Fisterra, Brittany’s Finistère, Cornwall’s Land’s End and the Welsh peninsula of St David’s. 

Visit cultural landmarks

 You’ll be fascinated by the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visit, including the historic centres of Lisbon and Porto. In the British Isles, you’ll discover rich Celtic and Norse heritage as you explore Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, the Isle of Man and rugged Rathlin Island.

What's Included

Expedition Cruise

Onboard Activities

Landing Activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Enchanting Lisbon

Day 1

The City of Port Wine

Day 2

The 'Land’s End’ of Spain

Day 3

A Galician highlight

Day 4

The port city of Ferrol

Day 5

Sailing the Bay of Biscay

Day 6

Fascinating Finistère 

Day 7

Land’s End in Cornwall

Day 8

Isles of Scilly

Day 9

The ‘Land’s End’ of Wales

Day 10

Enigmatic Isle of Man

Day 11

Seabirds of Rathlin

Day 12

Stylish Glasgow

Day 13

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