Spitsbergen and Polar Bears – an Arctic Adventure (Wednesday to Monday)

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18 departures between Aug 2022 and Aug 2023
6 days

The landscapes and wildlife of the Arctic

  • 6-day Arctic expedition cruise of Svalbard archipelago on our vintage-style ship MS Nordstjernen, getting close to glaciers, mountains and fjords.

  • Look out for Arctic wildlife, including reindeer, whales and polar bears, as we cruise the northwest corner of Spitsbergen.

  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Arctic Ocean as we tour the archipelago under the Midnight Sun – this is Arctic travel at its very best.

Join us on an expedition to Spitsbergen for the chance to see towering glaciers, dramatic mountain formations and polar bears under the midnight sun. 

The town on top of the world 

Your adventure starts in the unique town of Longyearbyen, located right at the edge of an arctic wilderness. Enjoy a guided tour that includes visits to the Svalbard Museum before sailing the Isfjord to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg. You’ll learn about the history and culture of the people who first discovered Svalbard and even get to see some of their art on display alongside Russian artefacts.  

Where beauty and history combine 

Your Captain and Expedition Team will decide which parts of Spitsbergen’s fabled North West Corner we’ll explore. We’ll attempt to land at Magdalenefjord. Framed by spectacular views of jagged mountain peaks and glaciers, you’ll be setting foot on an island with fascinating explorer and whaling history. If the conditions are favourable, we plan to sail above 80° North, bringing you within 600 nautical miles of the North Pole.  

Dramatic fjords and glaciers 

We plan to explore Kongsfjorden, also known as King’s Bay, the largest fjord on the Northwest coast of Spitsbergen. You might get to see glaciers calving into the sea as we enter the fjord and, with luck, polar bears as they trek along the coast’s drifting ice on the hunt for seals. Your expedition will end where it all started in Longyearbyen.

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Route overview

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View of Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Discover Longyearbyen

Day 1

Stunning Isfjorden

Day 2

A rocky beach next to a body of water

The wilds of Spitsbergen

Day 3

Stunning view to the glacier, Monacobreen

The fjords of Svalbard

Day 4

Curious polar bear cubs

Birdlife in Kongsfjorden

Day 5

Mountain landscape surrounding Longyearbyen

Return to Longyearbyen

Day 6

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