South America Expedition Cruise

Machu Picchu & Galápagos

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32 departures between Jan 2023 and Mar 2024
14 days

Join us on a journey of historical and ecological discovery as we explore some of South America’s iconic treasures before setting out in Charles Darwin’s footsteps to witness the incomparable Galápagos Islands

South America Expedition Cruise - Machu Picchu & Galápagos

South American Adventure 

The first part of the adventure takes place on land as we visit Lima and the capital of the Inca empire at Cusco, Peru, before travelling up the Sacred Valley to the enigmatic lost city at Machu Picchu. In Ecuador you’ll get to explore Quito and visit Cotopaxi Volcano before we fly out to the next stage of our adventure. 

Darwin’s islands of evolution 

The Galápagos Islands are famed for their association with the evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. Our comprehensive itinerary calls at the centrally-located Santa Cruz Island, the volcanic island of Fernandina, Isabela and Floreana - two of the four islands visited by Darwin - and balmy Baltra, before continuing to Santiago, the adjacent islands of Rábida and Bartolomé, and isolated Genovesa. The landings take in a wide variety of ecosystems and picturesque landscapes, and provide great opportunities for seeing wildlife such as sea lions, turtles, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, flamingos and iconic Darwin’s Finches. 

Your expedition ship – MS Santa Cruz II 

MS Santa Cruz II’s crafted itineraries give you some of the best island coverage and wildlife viewing opportunities in the Galápagos. Many excursions take place at exclusive visitor sites, meaning we’ll often have entire areas to ourselves. Having multiple naturalist guides aboard Santa Cruz II also means you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of activities each day.  

Your ship is also one of the few vessels operating in Galápagos that comes equipped with a full range of exploration tools, including dinghies, kayaks, snorkelling gear and paddleboards. There's even a glass-bottom boat. Of course, safety and sustainability are paramount throughout your cruise, and there’s a 24-hour Medical Officer onboard at all times.

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Route overview

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Fly from Germany and start off your South American adventure in Peru’s Lima.

Day 1

Journey to the old capital of the Incas and experience its amazing architecture and Andean vibe.

Day 2

Travel back in time to a lost world at South America’s most iconic destination.

Day 3

Arrive in the city of eternal spring, get your bearings and relax after your journey.

Day 4

Get a taste for Ecuador with a visit to a traditional market and a trip to Cotopaxi Volcano.

Day 5

Fly away from the mainland to the Galápagos Islands and have your first wildlife encounter.

Day 6

Explore the coast by dinghy and set foot on the island of the marine iguanas.

Day 7

Meet the famous giant tortoises of Galápagos at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Day 8

Discover a bit of Galápagos history and look out for some underwater wildlife.

Day 9

Relaxation day at Santa Cruz. Recharge your batteries and lounge on Las Bachas beach.

Day 10

Explore Santiago Island and see its wild residents and impressive rock formations.

Day 11

Galápagos, Ecuador

See some amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes, and try out the glass bottom boat.

Day 12

Start the morning with a climb to really see this paradise for birdlife.

Day 13

It’s the end of your cruise, so enjoy a slow goodbye at the giant tortoise sanctuary.

Day 14

Title  Arrive back home in Germany at the end of your epic adventure.

Day 15

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