British Isles – Remote Islands, Natural Wonders and a Diverse Coastline

Price from £3,200

Departure Dates
9 departures between Aug 2022 and Aug 2023
13 days

Explore fascinating nature and heritage along Britain's diverse coastline

Picturesque towns full of history

Experience the beauty and variety of the British Isles on an expedition cruise. Explore the quaint villages, charming towns and impressive historical landmarks. Discover the Viking, Celt and Gaelic heritage of the Waterford, Stornoway and Iona, and sample whisky on Islay.

Nature and wild islands

You’ll encounter the wild landscapes of the Hebrides, the seabird colonies of Rathlin Island and St Kilda, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the Isle of Man, and enjoy scenic walks along the Pembrokeshire and Devon coasts.

PLEASE NOTE: In keeping with our adventurous spirit, we visit small remote ports on our expeditions. Due to sea conditions and secluded locations we visit, it's not always possible to dock in port. Sometimes we have to use our small expedition Rib boats to get ashore.

What's Included

Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Day 1

Depart from Dover

Day 2

A relaxing day at sea

Day 3

The Pembrokeshire coast

Day 4

Seabirds of Rathlin

Day 5

The Inner Hebrides

Day 6

Wild St Kilda

Day 7

Stornoway and Lews Castle

Day 8

Islay's whisky and nature

Day 9

Enigmatic Isle of Man

Day 10

Vikings of Waterford

Day 11

Beautiful Scilly Isles

Day 12

Idyllic Devon

Lighthouse in Dover

Day 13

Return to Dover

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Included Programmes

It's a mixture of adventure activities for individuals of all ages

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Onboard Science Programme

Our Science Programme has one goal: to increase your curiosity, knowledge and interest of the areas you are sailing to.