Pole to Pole Adventure

The Ultimate Bucket List Expedition Cruise

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Departure date
August 2, 2023
94 days

Span the entire globe as we cruise from Pole to Pole - from the frozen north to the frozen south – discovering the cultures, ecology and wildlife of 11 countries over 94 days.

Join us on a grand expedition cruise from the Arctic to Antarctica as we set sail on a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your basecamp at sea will be the world’s first hybrid expedition cruise ship, the comfortable and stylish MS Roald Amundsen, named after the first explorer to successfully reach both the North and South Poles. 

From Pole to Pole on an epic expedition of discovery 

This expedition cruise will be unlike any other cruise you’ve been on. We’ll begin our 94-day journey in Vancouver, Canada, sailing north along the Alaskan coast and crossing the Arctic Circle as we make our way through the fabled Northwest Passage to Greenland and Baffin Island. 

We’ll then turn south along the eastern seaboard of the United States to the warm and colourful tropical lands of Central America before passing through the Panama Canal and reaching South America. Here, we’ll experience a mix of culture and nature, exploring ancient sites in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile before witnessing the ethereal splendour of the Chilean fjords and Patagonia and – finally – the pristine otherworldly beauty of Antarctica. 

Culture, nature, and discovery 

On this grand expedition cruise, you’ll experience the amazing blend of culture and wildlife within the Americas and Antarctica. Your knowledgeable and passionate onboard Expedition Team will guide and inspire you throughout, ensuring your cruise will be as adventurous, educational and ecologically sustainable as possible.

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Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

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Day 1

Overnight in Vancouver

Day 2

Start of the grand expedition

Day 3-18

Alaska – Inside Passage, bears, & Aleutian Islands

Day 19-22

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Day 23-33

Heading through the Northwest Passage

Day 34-41

Baffin Bay to Greenland and Atlantic Canada

Day 42-49

History, seafood, and nature

Day 50-53

East coast sights at sea

Day 54-63

Caribbean vibes & ocean exploration

Day 64-77

Inca history, colonial architecture & the Panama Canal

Day 78-87

Cruising towards the Antarctic

Day 88-91

The fabled frozen continent of Antarctica

Day 92-94

To the bottom of the world and back again!

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Pole to Pole Adventure

The Ultimate Bucket List Expedition Cruise