Panama Canal, Native Communities and Cultures (Northbound)

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14 days

Join this expedition to four Latin American countries northbound from Chile to Panama, uncovering ancient pyramids, exceptionally beautiful national reserves, and delicious local delicacies

  • Come on an active expedition cruise north along the Pacific Coast to discover the cultural charms of Latin America from vibrant cities to natural wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Our small ships mean we can take you to where larger ships can’t, giving you a mix of places to explore, from cities to remote islands. At times, due to weather, we may need to change or cancel our plan for that day. Rest assured that this is all part of what it is to be on an authentic adventure in this exotic region.  

Chilean cities and Peruvian pyramids  

From UNESCO-listed Valparaíso, we’ll journey to neo-colonial La Serena, then to the sun-soaked resort towns of Iquique and Arica. Next it’s Paracas, where you can visit bio-diverse Ballestas Islands before trying the sumptuous cuisine in Lima, the capital of Peru. Then, we plan to land at Salaverry to tour the ancient temple and city ruins around Trujillo.  

Ecuadorian paradises and the legendary Panama Canal 

We’ll stop at the important Ecuadorian port of Puerto Bolivar to learn about the oro verde – green gold. Then continue northbound to the busy and prosperous town port of Manta, cross the line of the Equator, and sail to the isthmus of Panama. Crossing from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, in the Atlantic side of the Canal, will be the great finishing touch pf your voyage.

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Vibrant hilltop city

Day 1

Neo-colonial and classy

Day 2

Relax on board

Day 3

Premier beach resort

Day 4

‘City of Everlasting Spring’

Day 5

Fresh sea air

Day 6

Birds and brandy

Day 7

Food, glorious food

Day 8

An archaeologist’s dream

Day 9

At your leisure

Day 10

Growing green gold

Day 11

Sea, sand, surf… and tuna?

Day 12

Serenity at sea

Day 13

Connecting Two Oceans

Day 14

Entrance to the Panama Canal

Day 15

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