From Lisbon to the Canary Islands – Jewels of the Atlantic

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10 days

Majestic volcanoes, diverse ecosystems and sublime scenery

11-day expedition cruise from Lisbon to Madeira and the Canary Islands, exploring unique island cultures and UNESCO listed National Parks.

Discover epic trails, active volcanoes and thrilling landscapes along with spectacular natural features that amazed so many explorers of old.

Enjoy the lively cultures of islands including Madeira, Porto Santo Gran Canaria and Tenerife with their mix of Spanish, Portuguese and the New World.

Historic cities, golden sands

Your adventure begins in Lisbon - one of southern Europe’s most enchanting cities. Then it's to Porto Santo with its picturesque scenery and undisturbed beaches.

Picture-perfect vistas 

Rising majestically out of the ocean, Madeira's idyllic capital and famous fortified wines await, before our journey continues to the Canary Islands. Take in Lanzarote and Tenerife's volcanic landscapes and the spectacular hiking trails in La Palma, before finishing your adventure in the jagged mountain ridges of Gran Canaria.

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Expedition Cruise

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Route overview

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The Delights of Lisbon

Day 1

Bound for Madeira

Day 2

The Magic of golden sand

Day 3

The garden of the Atlantic

Day 4

Bound for the Canary Islands

Day 5

The fire island

Day 6

The roof of the Canaries

Day 7

La Isla Bonita

Day 8

The edge of the Canaries

Day 9

A paradise off the beaten track

Day 10

The miniature continent

Day 11

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