Antarctica & Falklands Expedition (Northbound)

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Departure Dates
18 days

Join us on a late-summer expedition to experience unique landscapes, wildlife and amazing sunsets in the white continent, the Falkland Islands and Puerto Madryn

Embark on a late summer expedition to explore both the Falklands and Puerto Madryn and experience Antarctica when whale watching is at its best

Wilderness and wildlife  

You’ll be in Antarctica for five days in its late summer months. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises will paint the ice and snow in shades of gold, orange and pink, accentuated by snow algae in bloom. This is prime time for whale-watching, and you’ll get to see penguins in their final stage of moulting. The Expedition Team will host lectures, take you on landings and on sea activities to really discover the frozen continent. We don’t have a set itinerary here, as Antarctica is known for changeable weather and sea ice. Instead, we’ll adjust our plans according to the elements to take you to the best places available.    

The Falkland Islands and Patagonia   

After experiencing Antarctica and returning via the Drake Passage, you can contrast its icy wilderness with three days in the green and grassy Falklands. Visit the charming capital Stanley with its English red busses, restaurants and charming pubs, and discover the variety of wildlife living on the more remote parts of the islands. Then, it’s on to warm and inviting Puerto Madryn for its beaches and nearby nature reserve before returning to Buenos Aires where your expedition cruise ends.

What's Included


  • Flight in economy class from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia


  • Overnight in Buenos Aires before the expedition cruise, including breakfast


  • Transfer from the hotel in Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires airport before the expedition cruise
  • Transfer from Ushuaia airport to the ship, including a brief tour of the town

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Renaissance of romance

Day 1

Meeting the ship

Day 2

Continental crossing

Day 3-4

A world of ice and wildlife

Day 5-9


Day 10-11

Pubs and penguins

Day 12-14

Take a moment

Day 15

World Heritage wildlife haven

Day 16

Final sailing days

Day 17-18

Back where we began

Day 19

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Included Programmes

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