Circumnavigating Iceland and Fjords of East Greenland

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20 days

Embark on an epic expedition cruise to explore the majestic wild landscapes of Iceland and east-coast Greenland – two northern lands straight out of the old sagas. 

Embark on an epic expedition cruise to visit the majestic landscapes of Iceland and east-coast Greenland – two northern lands straight out of the sagas.

Circumnavigate Iceland – the land of fire and ice 

Reykjavik is your starting point to explore the so-called land of ice and fire. Journeying north, you’ll begin your circumnavigation of Iceland’s stunning coast visiting the picture-perfect fishing villages of Stykkishólmur and Patreksfjörður. Afterwards, discover Akureyri – ‘Iceland’s Northern Capital’. 

Hop across the Arctic Circle on the windswept and isolated island of Grimsey, then sail to Bakkagerdi, home to breathtaking mountain views and, legend has it, numerous elves. Finally, you’ll get to explore ‘Iceland’s Pompeii’, Heimaey, before completing your circular journey back in Reykjavik. 

Witness the majesty of Greenland’s pristine wilderness 

From Reykjavik, we sail across the Denmark Strait to the spectacular and wild east coast of Greenland. Our destination is Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system, fanning out over 14,000 square miles. Under the expert guidance of our Expedition Team, you’ll get an intimate look at this precious ecosystem on landings, nature walks, and kayaking tours.  

Wildlife abounds in this peaceful wilderness. As we glide across dark, placid waters at the feet of soaring mountains, you’ll be watching for whales and other marine wildlife. Bird enthusiasts will be on the lookout for species such as Brünnich's Guillemots, Snowy Owls and Greenlandic Gyrfalcons. We’ll then end your grand expedition where it all started, in Reykjavik.

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The start of the adventure

Day 1

Welcome to Sagaland

Day 2

The fjord of St Patrick

Day 3

Northwest Iceland

Day 4

Capital of the north

Day 5

Step across the Arctic Circle

Day 6

The land of the elves

Day 7

Iceland's Pompeii

Day 8

The start of a new adventure

Day 9

Crossing the Denmark Strait

Day 10

Largest fjord system on Earth

Day 11-19

Heading back to Iceland

Day 20

The end of this adventure

Day 21

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